Derek Carr Ready for Extended Playing Time

Posted Aug 25, 2014

Rookie QB Derek Carr figures to extended playing time Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks and he says he's ready to go.

Q: [On his sore ribs]...

Carr: “No. Obviously, they’re still there. I definitely know they’re there, but no, it’s nothing. I’m ready to go.”

Q: Was it tough for you at all, sitting out a game even though it was an exhibition?

Carr: “Absolutely. Again, it was Coach’s [Head Coach Dennis Allen] decision. It was something where if they needed me, I obviously could have went out there, but Coach made a choice and I fully support everything that he does. I tried to do my best as a teammate, on the sideline, help encouragement, see things in that sort of way, but it was tough.”

Q: You said you expect to get a pretty good amount of playing time on Thursday, especially since you missed the time last week. That’s something you’re looking forward to, I take it?

Carr: “Yeah. Oh yeah. The more that I can be out there, the happier I’ll be. That’s why we work so hard in the offseason. That’s why you spend so many hours here before anyone’s here. That’s why you do all those things, because you want to go out there and help the team win and I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Q: It is tough to see a guy like Matt Schaub, with everything that he’s gone through last year, and then now he has something wrong with his elbow and everyone’s up in arms, like something’s wrong and it’s a big step back for this offense?

Carr: “Oh no, Schaubby’s going to be fine. There is no doubt in my mind that he is fine. I’ve seen him every day. I’ve seen what he’s been doing every day around the weight room, around the meeting room, around the field, so he’s just fine. I’ll let Coach Allen answer anything else about Schaubby, but he’s been great to me.”

Q: You are right now, the number two guy though. If you were needed Week One, you could be ready in two weeks to go?

Carr: “I have to be. You have to be, and again, I do everything selflessly. I do it for my teammates. I come out here and I work as hard as I can so I know when my number, if it has to be called, I’ll be ready to help us win.”

Q: You’ve been watching a lot of tape on Seattle I take it?

Carr: “Oh yeah. That’s who we’re playing this week. I’ve been started on them for a little bit now, so I’ve just been watching film on them, getting ready to prepare myself to help this team win.”