Five Things You Didn't Know About Running Backs Coach Bernie Parmalee

Posted Jul 7, 2015

Get to know more about running backs coach Bernie Parmalee and how he is able to use his coaching and playing experience to work with his players.

1. Running backs coach Bernie Parmalee played running back at Ball State and finished his collegiate career as the all-time leading rusher in school history, tallying 3,483 rushing yards and 26 TDs. (He also received the last scholarship at Ball State that year).

2. Coach Parmalee was undrafted out of Ball State and was working for UPS when he tried out for the Dolphins. He entered the NFL as a free agent rookie with the Dolphins in 1992. (He also was working at a midnight bowling alley, where he assigned lanes and handed out shoes).

3. After signing with the Dolphins, Coach Parmalee returned to the bowling alley to work until his two-week notice was up.

4. In 1995, Coach Parmalee was the only starting NFL tailback that was also captain of his special teams.

5. Coach Parmalee’s son, Tre’, is a senior wide receiver for Kansas University's football team.