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"It’s one of the best problems to have in football"

Posted Sep 1, 2014

Veteran FB Marcel Reece spoke to the media about the Raiders decision to go with rookie Derek Carr as the starting quarterback.

Q: So Dennis Allen naming Derek Carr the starting quarterback, were you surprised by the decision?

Reece: “To be honest with you, nothing surprises me in this business anymore. To be honest, it’s not really about surprises. We have three capable quarterbacks who could play and start in this league and Derek Carr happened to be the one that is starting the season off for us and we’re all excited about it.”

Q: Has he matured a little quicker as a rookie than you would have expected?

Reece: “Every rookie matures at a different rate, and he came in as a mature rookie, and he’s matured every single day that we’ve seen him, and he’s continued to grow and be a playmaker on the field.”

Q: How much do you think Matt Schaub kind of mentoring him, has that helped him develop?

Reece: “I think so. When you come in as a rookie, you look for a veteran in your position group, in your room to help you every day, and Schaub has been that for him, and he’s going to continue to be there for him, and we support each other as a team and we know that it’s always a competition, but the bigger picture is we’re all in here for one reason and that’s to win games.”

Q: As you were watching that game unfold on Thursday night, was there just a little more electricity than you usually feel for a fourth preseason game?

Reece: “I think it was just excitement for the young guys to get out there and make plays. They hadn’t really gotten much opportunity throughout the preseason, but they got out there and they made us proud, so we’re happy. We’re happy about the depth that we have, the depth that we haven’t had here in a long time. It’s exciting for us as veterans, and rookies, for them to get out there and make plays for us.”

Q: Before that game, Dennis Allen said that, ‘Matt Schaub is still our starting quarterback for Week One,’ but after you saw Derek’s performance, were you like, ‘Oh, we might have a problem on our hands?’

Reece: “If we have a problem, it’s one of the best problems to have in football, to have three capable quarterbacks that can play this game and make plays for this team, so we’re excited about it. DC [Derek Carr] is excited about it, and Schaub is excited about it. Everyone’s excited just to go out there and finally start the regular season and beat the Jets.”