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Jacoby Ford Back in Action

Posted Aug 4, 2013

WR Jacoby Ford spoke to the media after returning to practice after missing time with a minor injury.

Q: How does it feel to get back out there after missing four or five practices?

WR Jacoby Ford: It felt really good to get back out there. Just starting to get back in the groove of things and just kind of easing back into it. Not really hitting full-go yet, but definitely about 90 percent right now.

Q: So it’s kind of one of those things where if you’re going to get hurt like that it’s at the beginning of camp where you can afford to take a couple of days. Where as if this was a month from now, you might have to [play]?

Ford: Yeah, most definitely. Good thing it happened now at the beginning of camp instead of later on. I can still keep rehabbing and getting it back to 100 percent. We’re definitely close, I felt pretty good running out there. Never got a bite. So, that was a good positive for me.

Q: Is it, at this stage, about keeping it loose in the middle of practice? It seems like you were trying to stretch it out to avoid having it…

Ford: Definitely want to keep it warmed up, don’t want to stiffen up at all. But definitely a lot of stretching, and not trying to push myself past the limit where I don’t feel comfortable. Definitely want to stay comfortable at all times, so that’s the biggest thing for me.

Q: Is it a [hamstring]?

Ford: It’s kind of, sort of like that. It was like a tendon behind my knee that just kind of tightened up out of nowhere. I didn’t even do anything to aggravate it or nothing. They just said it was one of those things that kind of happens over time.

Q: How do you like the offense after getting the chance to open up with them the last couple of days here? You like how it looks?

Ford: Yeah I do, ever since we started installing it and everything. It’s an offense that uses every single receiver that you have. We have a whole bunch of different routes that you can either go deep or we have a lot of intermediate routes. We have a lot of short routes that we can turn into big plays and it’s good on the run game. It definitely helps us out a lot.

Q: It sounds like it fits what you do a little bit. Short passes turn into big plays or just let you run. Do you like the opportunities for you specifically?

Ford: Yeah, I definitely do. Coming out there and just being able to go out there and make some plays. Our offense is definitely a perfect fit for me. You can take a screen and take it to the house, or slant and take it to the house or a hitch and take that to the house. It’s definitely an offense that is real motivating for me.

Q: When you have these minor injuries sort of pop up, are they frustrating at all? I know it’s early in camp, these things happen when you first get into pads, but for you, after missing some time, you’re kind of like ‘come on.’ Do you kind of get that feeling?

Ford: At first, it was kind of upsetting but it’s part of the game and I’m doing everything I can to take care of my body in the right way. When I had to sit out last year, I really had no choice with the foot surgery. I’m glad to get that fixed but, as far as the leg, it’s something that’s real minor. So it was nothing for me to panic about or anything. It’s more nagging than anything and I’m just a little frustrated but I’m fine now though.