Jones: "I'm a Guy That Leads By Example"

Posted Nov 12, 2014

WR James Jones talks about the season thus far and what the team needs to do to notch their first victory.

Q: Is it just one of those things where you have to keep on pumping, keep on fighting?

Jones: “Yeah man, it’s a grind. Every season doesn’t go the way you planned it. You have obstacles that you have to overcome every season. Some seasons are better than others; this season we’re in a dogfight. We understand that and the only people that are going to change that is us. We have to climb our way out of it. We have to scratch, we have to claw, we have to do whatever we have to do to go out there and get a win. As men, we’re all men in this locker room, we know what we have to do. We know what type of game we have to play to go out there and get a win, so it’s a good challenge for us. We’ve been after it nine times, and we haven’t come away with one yet, so we just have to keep on pounding away and pounding away, and eventually it’ll happen.”

Q: Derek Carr says he’s just really impressed by the energy level at practice….

Jones: “We’re pros. You have to enjoy your job. We’re blessed. We just have to keep on believing in each other and go out there and have fun with each other. Even though you’re 0-9 you still have to enjoy what you do and have fun with what you do and you have go out there and eventually we’ll get one.”

Q: How can you guys do better in terms of getting the ball downfield?

Jones: “We just need to go out there and take one play at a time. I’m not going to sit here and say we need to do this and do that or what we need to do, one play at a time, and winning cures everything. That’s all I’ll say.”

Q: Do you see yourself and your team as a team doing the same thing and trying to do them better, or are you guys trying to do some new things?

Jones: “You’re never going to come in and change the whole playbook. When you’re losing it’s always, you can point the finger here or point the finger there. We’re doing some good things and we’re doing some things we need to get better at. The plays we have work. We just have to go out there and execute them.”

Q: They brought a lot of you veterans in with the idea of having a core of young players that would learn from you guys. Do you think in difficult times it’s even more important for you guys to [set an example]?

Jones: “I hope so. I’m a guy that leads by example. I come here every day with my lunch pail and go to work, and work as hard as I can out there on the field and try to perfect my craft because there are a lot of things that I can still do to get better. I lead by example. I’m not a ‘ra ra’ guy trying to tell people what to do, but hopefully they see the way a lot of us work in here, a lot of veterans, and how we carry ourselves and watch us and know the way it’s supposed to be done.”

Q: When you look at the way Derek [Carr] has handled it, Derek always has this upbeat personality, how rare is that and how surprised are you at that coming from a rookie?

Jones: “I’m not surprised. He’s a pro. He’s a mature guy. He’s a mature player. He understands at a young age that there are going to be times like this in your career, in your life. You’re going to have ups and downs in your life. You take it and run with it. You don’t put your head down. You don’t go under the covers. You look at it in the face and you go fight it and eventually you’ll knock it down. We’ll get one.”