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Lamarr Houston Talks Mini-Camp

Posted Jun 12, 2013

DE Lamarr Houston answered the media's questions after Day 2 of the Raiders mandatory mini-camp.

Q: Coach was mentioning you as one of the guys who really stepped up your game, not just on the field, but being a leader, being that you guys have a lot of young players around here. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Houston: I think that Reggie [McKenzie] and [Dennis Allen] are expecting me to step up and be one of the veteran D-liners here. We have a lot of young guys now. Fortunately for me I’ve been under the wing of Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour and they’ve helped me come a long way so far, Andre Carter as well. They think I’m ready to fill that role and I’m just going to do the best I can in helping this team out.

Q: Do you have a history of being a vocal leader? Is that something you embrace?

Houston: I’m not necessarily a vocal leader, I wouldn’t say. I think different situations calls for different aspects of a leader, so I couldn’t say I’m a certain type of leader.

Q: Is there something you would help out and embrace with these younger guys?

Houston: If the coaches want me to help the team, I’d love to do it. 

Q: How do you guys look out there so far you think?

Houston: I think we look great. We have a lot of new players and I think we are gelling really well. We are getting along and we’re learning this defense as a defense together, and we’re working through all the kinks together. I think we are all on the same page and we understand what needs to be done. We are doing a really good job right now and where we want to finish before training camp.

Q: So many new guys out there, you think chemistry will be an issue with you guys gelling together?

Houston: No, I don’t think chemistry is an issue. I think Reggie [McKenzie] and [Dennis Allen] did a great job of getting the guys that will fit with this team and the guys they want on this team. Right now I think the chemistry is already there. 

Q: Now you’ve been able to run with the number one unit a couple times, do you feel like it’s getting better in the huddle? Learning all those familiar faces?

Houston: I feel like it’s fine. Day one it was fine and it’s fine now. It’s only getting better everyday.

Q: You look like you were putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback today. How much are you looking forward to being able to put on pads and getting a little more physical later on down the line?

Houston: Right now everyone wants to put on pads, because right now things are just jerseys and shorts and helmets. When training camp comes around I will be really excited to get pads on along with the rest of my teammates. But I think we are doing a great job as a defense. Everybody is doing their assignments really well and knowing where they need to be at the right time.

Q: When the season comes around, do you think about sacks? Or is it not about those numbers, it’s just about putting pressure on?

Houston: The things I think about are team goals. I want this team to do well, a lot better than last year. Your personal goals only come from your team goals, and right now, that’s all I’m worried about, is just getting this team better.