Oakland Raiders Guard Gabe Jackson Talks Contract Extension: "I Feel Honored And Blessed"

Posted Jul 3, 2017

Guard Gabe Jackson participated in a conference call Monday afternoon, discussing his new, five-year extension with the Silver and Black.

Guard Gabe Jackson

Here is the transcript from guard Gabe Jackson’s Monday afternoon conference call.

Q: To have this extension come through, and to be able to enjoy this going into training camp later this month, what does that mean to you?

Jackson:  “It means a lot. I’m very appreciative that they thought that much of me to keep me here, and so I can keep wearing Silver and Black for at least five more years. I’m very grateful for that.”

Q: Give us some insight on how this deal came together.

Jackson: “Well, me and my agent knew that the main thing was to lock [quarterback] Derek Carr up, and after that they were going to start working on mine. My agent pretty much kept me in tuned with what was going on, and the negotiation process, and where we stood at. It wasn’t hard, probably done within like a week and a half.”

Q: There was a report that you changed agents shortly before the deal was reached. Is that what happened? Did you change your agent sometime during this whole process?

Jackson: “I changed agents back in May, so probably a little time before then. I just felt that was the best option for me at that moment.”

Q: What did it mean for Derek in the midst of his contract extension, to actually say that he wanted to make sure that there was money left over so you could be taken care of, [defensive end] Khalil [Mack] could be taken care of, [wide receiver] Amari [Cooper] could be taken care of. What did that mean to hear Derek Carr say all that before you got your extension?

Jackson: “It means a lot. To be honest, I started smiling when I first heard him say that because, I mean, he always said that to me before, that he wants to make sure everybody else is good, it just goes to show you about his character, and how he is as a person. He’s one of the most selfless people I know.”

Q: Obviously there was a lot of talk about Derek getting an extension, and eventually Khalil, but I know [General Manager] Reggie McKenzie kind of kept making a point talking about you as also being a priority. To hear your GM say that about you when a lot of the focus is on those two other guys, what did that mean to be kind of lumped with those two as being a major priority?

Jackson: “It means a lot, because to be mentioned with the great players like Derek Carr and Khalil Mack, it’s big time. It’s like finally, you know, the hard work that I put into it, and the coaches and all that, and the GM, they see it, and I was rewarded for it. It’s one thing that I really appreciate.”

Q: Where were you when the contract was in its final stage of being completed?

Jackson: “I was in Las Vegas actually, for one of my teammates bachelor parties.”

Q: How did that go?

Jackson: “It was pretty good, perfect timing.”

Q: Any big splurges so far?

Jackson: “Nothing, just find some land in Mississippi, and build a house eventually.”

Q: How was Rodney [Hudson’s] wedding? Was it pretty fun?

Jackson: “It was real nice. It was beautiful, the food, the setup, the reception, of course you know I’m a food guy (laughing). The food was great. The music, everything. It was real nice.”

Q: When you see this team start investing heavily in other offensive lineman. Did you have a feeling there that if you work hard, they’re going to pay you top dollar? What was your reaction to those two contracts maybe in relation to your deal?

Jackson: “My reaction was, I knew both [center] Rodney [Hudson] and K.O. [offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele] prior – I didn’t know them personally – but I knew that they worked their butts off, and they were good players, so I was like, ‘well, I have a shot.’ Nothing is promised. Nothing is guaranteed, but I just kept doing the little things right, and kept getting better as a player, and just worked my butt off.”

Q: When you look back to when they signed K.O. and asked you to switch over to the right side. What ended up being your big takeaway from being able to make that successful transition to flipping sides?

Jackson: “To be honest with you, before I say that, I was a little nervous about it because I didn’t know exactly how it was going to turn out, so just in my mind, I had it like, can’t get beat. This is what the situation is, so you have to adjust to it, and life is about adjustment.”

Q: What’s it been like to block for Derek these past few of years?

Jackson: “It’s been great. He does a good job getting the ball out, and not holding it for too long to give us time, and sometimes when it’s not the best blocking play, he’ll make you look good. As much as I do, he do that, and even more.”

Q: What are your thoughts on blocking for a guy like [running back] Marshawn Lynch?

Jackson: “I feel like he just brings a little more attitude. He plays with attitude, runs with attitude, and he’s an aggressive player, and when you see that out of a running back, it just adds gas to the fire. It makes you just want to go do more, because you know they’re going to do all they can for you.”

Q: When you’re in Las Vegas, and you learn that your contract has been finalized, what does that look like?

Jackson: “To be honest with you, I can’t explain it. It was just really crazy, like, wow. Just crazy. If you would have asked me that like two, three years ago, I would never even have imagined something like that, but at the same time, I’m just honored. I feel honored and blessed because finally all the hard work, from years leading up to this, the work I put in and done, and the sacrifices, like, it’s finally here. Even though it’s here, it’s not that I can relax, but I don’t have to worry about another deal, I just worry about playing football, and winning a championship.”

Q: Did you have to buy some steaks that night?

Jackson: “Rodney tried to get me to get dinner, but he was just joking with me; at least I thought he was.”

Q: With that draft class that you were part of with you, and Derek, and even [cornerback] TJ [Carrie] and Mack. Is there a certain bond between you guys?

Jackson: “Oh yeah, definitely. Even during the season last year, and the year before that, we always, sometimes it would be a couple of weeks at a time, we would reflect back, and be like, ‘you remember rookie year when we were 0-10, and we were this and that?’ Just the appreciation level from everybody, because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to lose, and now what it’s like to win, and that feeling is great. I keep thriving on that.”

Q: There seems to be a message that if we draft you, and develop you, and you make an impact, and you go about things the right way, on and off the field, you’re rewarded. Is that something that’s palpable as a player?

Jackson: “Oh yeah, definitely. I always say that if you live clean, and you live good outside of football, and you come in, and you take care of business, you work your butt off, you might not see it all the time, but people appreciate that. They might not tell you every day or every week, ‘hey, you’re doing a good job,’ this and that, but people pay attention to how you carry yourself, and how you work on the field, and off the field also.”

Q: Is it kind of ironic that the deal got completed when you were in Vegas?

Jackson: “I know, I know, and as I was learning about it, walking outside, it was like crazy hot, and I’m like, ‘man, it’s smoking out here.’”