Raiders at Packers Postgame Quotes

Posted Aug 23, 2014

Postgame quotes from the Raiders 31-21 loss to the Packers in Preseason Week 3.


On the game: “I’ll just start off with a couple of comments. Disappointed in the loss. We lost to a good football team today. It was a good opportunity for us to measure ourselves to see exactly where we’re at. We’re obviously not there yet as a football team. We’re going to continue to work. We’re going to get there, but obviously we’re not there yet. There’s a lot of areas we’ve got to improve on. Obviously, the unsportsmanlike penalties, we’ve got to get that cleaned up. We can’t…on the one drive, we give them 30 yards in penalties and have opportunities to stop them, but when you give a good team that many opportunities, they’re going to take advantage of it. We’ve got to learn from that. We have to get that corrected. That’s my responsibility. I’ll get that corrected. Offensively, we’ve got to improve ourselves in the passing game. That’s a full-time team effort. That’s not about one individual. We’ve got to improve ourselves in the passing game. We’ve got to be able to make the plays when we get some opportunities to make those plays. And we have to be able to convert third downs and keep drives alive. Just talking about the game in general. Obviously, it was disappointing that we allowed them to be able to take the ball down the field on the first drive and score a touchdown. I didn’t think our tackling was very good early in the game. I thought midway through the game it got better and then, again, I thought it got a little sloppy towards the end. But the first drive really was mostly about our ability to get guys down in space and we didn’t do a good job of that. I thought our offense did a nice job responding, driving the ball back down. We get the long run by MJD [Maurice Jones-Drew] for a touchdown on a short yardage play, so I thought that was a great response by our offense in that situation. And then our defense came back and responded after giving up the opening touchdown. I think we had three straight drives where we forced them to punt. But, we gave too many plays in the first half. I think they had 40-something plays, I think it was, in the first half. We’ve got to be able to get off the field when we get opportunities to get off the field. Obviously, when you face a team like that and they’re mode of operation was they were going to go for it on 4th down and they were going to go for two and they keep the pressure on you that way. Overall, it wasn’t good enough. There were some positive things I saw in the game, but there are still a lot of things we have to get better at. “

On confidence team can get where it needs to be in next few weeks: “We’ve got a good group of guys that are working hard in there. Really it comes down to, in a couple of instances, a little bit of focus and concentration, and certain instances to be able to take advantage of some opportunities for some plays. We’ve got to continue to work to take advantage of the opportunities that we have.”

On Khalil Mack: “I thought he looked like I thought he would look. I’ve been saying all along that he’s going to be a factor for us and he’s going to be an explosive player for us. And I thought we saw some of that today. He’s still got a long way to go. He’s still got a lot of things he’s got to get better at, but obviously, I think we all saw some of the things he can bring to the table.”

On Sio Moore’s injury: “X-rays came back negative, so that’s obviously positive sign. The initial word is really mostly a neck strain. I don’t know what kind of timeline that means, but obviously, the most encouraging thing is that Sio is fine. I think he’s back here in the building now.”

On if Moore will travel back with the team: “To my knowledge…now, I haven’t had that discussion, but he’s back here in the building, so my assumption is he’ll be able to fly back. He’s out of the hospital and he’s back here.” 

On other injuries: “[Tarell] Brown had a concussion. Nick Roach had a concussion. Kory Sheets injured his Achilles. I don’t know the extent of that Achilles and then Menelik Watson left early with a hip flexor.”

On the wide receivers ability to get separation: “I have to look at it. In the National Football League, there’s not a lot of wide-open guys. You have to be able to make plays in a contested environment, that’s what NFL football is all about. We’ve got to be able to make plays, throw the ball, catch the ball, in contested environments. Obviously, we’ll look at the tape and find out where we need to make those improvements.”

On QB Matt Schaub: “Again, I think I need to look at the tape and see where we’re at. We’ve got to improve in the passing game. Matt’s part of that, but everybody else is a part of that too. We’ll look at the tape; we’ll find out what we need to do to make corrections, where we’ve got to get better and we’ll make those corrections and we will be better.”

On if starters will play in the last preseason game: “I really haven’t even thought about that. I’ve just been focused on this game. We’ll probably start working on that probably at some point tomorrow afternoon.”



On the game: “I feel like we are getting better every time we take the field. We had a couple opportunities that we let slip away on our part that really didn't have anything to do with their defense, but I have been over there. That is a great football team. They have a lot of good players over there, a good coach, and I think they will be a playoff team. It was a good challenge for us to be able to go against a defense like that." 

On if he thinks the Packers defense will be improved this season: "I think they all understand each other pretty well and I think that is what is helping them out right now. They have a real good feel for one another. They are going out there trusting one another and playing with each other. I think if they can stay healthy they will be a great defense."

On transitioning from Green Bay to Oakland: "It is going good. I love it. I am just excited about the challenge to help get this organization back on the right track. This has been a winning organization in the past. We have some work to do. It was a good challenge for us today, but we accept the challenge and we are going to get better."



On Green Bay's no-huddle offense: "That no-huddle is a beast. It can keep a defense on its heels. You have a quarterback that is smart as he is in picking up what you are trying to do. They kept us off balance that first drive and went down there and scored easily. I felt like we settled down a little bit, but then we had some penalties that kept it alive on third down. So I felt like we played well against them aside from that first drive."

On being back in Green Bay: "There was a lot of love out there and I could feel it. There were a lot of people chanting my name. I could still see a lot of 21 jerseys. It felt good to go out there and receive that kind of welcome. It was exactly what I felt like it would be because the fans here understand that when I went out there, I left it all on the field every week."

On rookie linebacker Khalil Mack: "He is a young guy that has a lot on his plate, but I think he is going to be fine. You saw the flashes tonight with his interception on the screen play. Those are the types of plays that he has the potential to make and we are confident that he will make those going forward. We feel like he is going to be a great player."



On his first quarter sack: "It was good defensive call. Our linebacker on that side did a great job of coming over there and freeing me up and I was the one that got the glory." 

On limiting Green Bay's offense after their first touchdown: "It was just guys doing what they are supposed to do. Guys being where they are supposed to be and not doing other people's jobs. Once we got all the guys on the same page we were able to make some plays. I feel pretty good about our starting defense."