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Raiders vs. Cowboys Quote Sheet

Posted Aug 13, 2012

Postgame quotes from the Raiders 3-0 loss to the Cowboys.

QB Carson Palmer throws a pass in the first quarter. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Head Coach Dennis Allen

I think there are obviously some positives in the game. I thought our first team defense did exceptionally well. I was real pleased with the way that Darren McFadden played there in the first quarter and so there are some positives about it. We got a lot of young guys a lot of reps. But at the end of the day, the execution is not where it needs to be and we have to be better.

I thought the effort and intensity were pretty good. I think at times during the game we might have got a little tired and the focus wasn't quite where it needs to be, but that's to be expected in a preseason game. Nothing unusual. But overall, I thought the effort and intensity was good.

I'll get a chance to really look at the tape and evaluate his overall performance. Statistically it looked like he had some yards, he had some catches. So in that regard I thought we did a nice job. We'll have to look at the tape and really study the details and make sure he was executing what he needed to get executed.

For the first time to be on the football field in real game action, I was pleased he was able to get out there and get some reps and get some experience. Obviously, we have to do a little better job getting in and out of the huddle and getting the play snapped a bit sooner, but those are all things that can be corrected, so he's a work in progress and just like I've always talked to him about, I want to see him get a little bit better every day.

I was pleased with the way Matt came in and played there in the 2nd quarter and the end of the end of the first half. I thought he ran the offense well. I thought he executed. I thought he threw the ball well, took what the defense gave him and so he took command of the huddle and commanded the offense, so I was pleased with where he was at.

Well we got him a couple of touches early and he was able to make some explosive gains and that's what we anticipate out of him. We threw the one screen to him and he busted out on a run pretty good, so I think he's an explosive playmaker and we have to find ways to get him the ball and give him an opportunity to be explosive for us.

QB Carson Palmer

We wanted to score, obviously. So that part is disappointing. You come into these preseason games and prepare like it's a regular season game and you only get a handful of opportunities. When you don't go down and score you kind of think of that as getting a win because you don't get to finish the game. We did some really good things and have some things to clean up but it's good to get the first preseason game out-of-the-way. We'll take a look at the film and get to see the good and the bad, get coached up on it, and move forward."

He's pretty special, obviously. It's just great to have him in the huddle. It's great for the team to see him on the field. I'm just excited to work with them and to keep getting the chemistry better.

We want to feed him the ball. We're obviously going to feature him in this offense. We're pretty banged up at that spot right now. With [Mike] Goodson down and Taiwan [Jones] down, when we get those guys back we're going to be really explosive. We just need to get those guys back and healthy. They're going to be great in giving Darren a breather and giving him a break from time to time. It's just good to finally get to play against somebody else, we'll watch the film and move on.

You obviously want to score, like I said. We didn't play well enough to score but it feels good to finally get to see Terrelle [Pryor] get on the field. It's been a while for him and I'm just proud of the way he fought. Things didn't go right, but he kept fighting. Then Matt [Leinart] went in and executed the offense and looked good. Other than that, we want to go down score every time.

QB Terrelle Pryor

I thought Matt [Leinart] played well. I thought Carson [Palmer] played well. I thought the O-line I was running with played well.

Get through my progressions a little better. I think sometimes I had some good throws but also my feet were messing up.

I started feeling a little more relaxed. But it's been a long time just playing with other people coming at you 100 miles per hour.

RB Lonyae Miller

I still have work to do. Good game or bad game, you just have to take it and forget about it and continue to move forward. We still have three games to go so I'm not going to get too high and I'm not going to get too low.

QB Matt Leinart

I think we're doing good; we're picking it up. It's a day-to-day process. Any time you install a new offensive scheme, it can be challenging, but we've working very hard to pick the offense up. We've had great practices and we're working hard every day and we did some good things out there. Obviously, you like to win every game and you like to execute, but we just have to watch film and see what we did wrong, correct the mistakes and get ready. We have a game in four days so we have to get ready and play Arizona.

I think he threw well. He's an incredible athlete; he makes a lot of plays on the run and he made some very good throws from the pocket. It's just funny, I remember when I was young; and he obviously hasn't played in a couple years, but he's an incredible athlete. He can make plays, he's working hard, [Carson Palmer and I are] helping him out as much as we can. It's a process and I think he has to realize that it's not going to happen overnight. You just have to keep building on the practices and building on the games. We have a great room though, we all work together and we're all there for each other.

WR Rod Streater

It felt good, it really did. That's what you work for, to come out here and make plays. It's just a great experience.

He got me pretty good, but I had to pop up. It's just football. You're used to playing with your teammates, they don't really hit you like that, and you get out there and get it. It felt good. It's football. I love it.

S Mike Mitchell

I just wanted to get an opportunity to show the world what I can do. I really haven't done anything. That interception, I don't know what he was looking at, but he threw it right to me. All camp, I felt like I've been able to put myself in the position to make plays and I've been healthy this year and I'm really excited because I feel like, when I'm healthy, I believe in the bottom of my heart with everything I have that I can be a starter in this league for a lot of teams right now. Like I said, we've got two really good safeties and I'm just biding my time. When my number gets called, I'm ready.

We're trying to win games. Coach Allen has done a great job changing the culture and we're all about winning games. Obviously, guys were a little bummed, but we've got a lot to learn. Thank God this game doesn't count in the real season, in the real standings, but as a team, we're looking at this as a loss. The preseason schedule that it is, we don't want to lose any games. We want to go 20-0. That's our goal, that's what Coach wants for us. We want to win every game. I don't think you show up to any game not expecting to win, especially with the new coach we have here. We're trying to win everything. If it's chess, checkers, ping pong, we want to try to beat you in it.

LB Miles Burris

I felt like it was good. Got my feet wet a little bit. For the most part, I hit most of my assignments and did all right, but there's definitely some things that I need to work on and get better at. Mostly I just want to see the film and then judge it from there.