Remembering Todd Christensen

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Many people have taken a moment to remember Raiders TE Todd Christensen and offer their condolences. Christensen died Wednesday morning at age 57.

Raider Legend Jim Plunkett was Christensen’s quarterback during with the Raiders.

“I enjoyed playing with Todd and he came out of nowhere to become a premiere tight end in the National Football League. He was my go-to guy in so many instances, especially around the goal line. He was a great family man, he was a guy who could catch the ball no matter where it was thrown and he really produced when he was playing for the Raiders, there’s no doubt about it. Obviously, we are all going to miss him.

“There a lot of stories that I recall but one that I will share is that we used to have a blocking scheme and Todd had to get a “go” call from the fullback to go out on a (pass) route instead of block. So many times he would release and go out on a route without getting the “go” call and leave me in dire straits so that I would have to throw it to him. He would always come back to the huddle and tell me he thought he heard the ‘go’ call. That was one of the reasons he got so many passes.”

Another Raider Legend, Raymond Chester, was the starter at tight end when Christensen was signed by the Raiders as a free agent.

“I remember his enthusiasm about playing football. He wanted to be an integral part of the team, whether it was on special teams, at running back or at tight end. He did great things at tight end when he got the opportunity to play but even when he wasn’t starting he always saw himself as not only a starter, but as an outstanding player. He always had that as a goal and made it happen to become one of the great Raider tight ends.”