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Twitter Chat with Shawntae Spencer

Posted Aug 20, 2012

CB Shawntae Spencer chatted with Raider Nation via Twitter today. Here are some of the questions and answers.

CB Shawntae Spencer faces off with Cowboys WR Dez Bryant. Photo by Tony Gonzales

From @Br_Elmer: What are your thoughts on Rod Streater? Can we expect this type of performance in the regular season?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Yes, he’s a great young receiver who’s humble and works very hard. A great find for the team.

From @EasyEd58: What was the team you dreamed of playing for coming up to play pro football?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Growing up it was the Eagles, I was a huge Reggie White fan.

From @leopoldbarrer1: How does it feel playing football on the Raiders?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Feels great, happy to be part of such a strong legacy and to have such dedicated fans.

From Project_305: Favorite pregame meal?

@ShawntaeSpencer: I like pasta b/c it gives me energy w/o making me feel too full. Also a fan of grilled chicken.

From @stornetta369: Who’s your favorite baseball team?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Pittsburgh Pirates, all day.

From @Holtke4987: Favorite memory from playing at PITT?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Definitely a lot to pick from. I’d say the last time Pitt played Penn State back in 2000

From @PhxRaider74: Who is the hardest Raider WR to cover and why?

@ShawntaeSpencer: All our WRs have different parts of their game that make it challenging. I’d say #12, #85, #17 and #80

From @HiChanceyOne: If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Probably real estate development

From @ConnorRussel8: How’s the team looking?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Looking good and working hard to get better every day

From @teufelhunden44: Who is your favorite cornerback of all time?

@ShawntaeSpencer: I’d have to say Willie Brown and Rod Woodson.

From @Raider8124: You going to be hyped in the blackhole pregame on Monday night vs the Chargers?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Absolutely!

From @LameIsKenzel: Are you going to stay #36?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Yup!

From @JWellingtonJR: Biggest challenge for the secondary this season?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Executing well enough and consistently enough to get us to the playoffs

From @StuartKovacs: How has DC Jason Tarver made you a better player?

@ShawntaeSpencer: He’s a great teacher of the game. I’ve known him my whole career and feel fortunate to have him as a coach.

From @marilynfan4life: Can you tell Kelly the Nation would like to see him sack Stafford Saturday 3rd times a charm.

@ShawntaeSpencer: I’ll pass along the message!

From @solo23rd: With Peyton in the division now, who’s a bigger threat: broncos or chargers?

@ShawntaeSpencer: We’ll respect both

From @ETapia8: How’s the team overall chemistry been so far?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Outstanding chemistry so far. And the new staff has really elevated the culture.

From TFunk510: In what ways does this Def allow you to best utilize your skills?

@ShawntaeSpencer: It gives multiple looks and it allows a wide range of options to stress the offense.

From @Exxcel: How dedicated were you when you were 14/15 years old towards making it to the next level?

@ShawntaeSpencer: At that age I just had a real love for the game, I wasn’t thinking about being a pro yet. I’ll do a post soon w/ more details.

From @brian_dinelle: Have you ever been to Canada and if you have where did you go and how did you like it? Cheers.

@ShawntaeSpencer: Never been to Canada but I’m planning a trip to Toronto and Vancouver the next offseason.

From @R8ertough: What’s a personal motivation for you to push you to become better as a football player?

@ShawntaeSpencer: A love and respect for the game and the people that made it what it is today. And the support of the fans! #RaiderNation

From @paydro_24: How do you feel about being a Raider? After being a long-time niner?

@ShawntaeSpencer: A lot of respect for both organizations, but I’m loving the #RaiderNation life!

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