Ovations Premium Services is the selected catering service for The Oakland Raiders. Click here to view the Suites catering menu.

Contact Information:

Suites and Catering Sales Department
Phone: (510) 577-3900
Fax: (510) 633-9398

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00AM-4:00PM PST


Ordering information

Pre-ordering: For optimal event service, pre-ordering food and beverage is recommended. Pre-order deadlines are located below.

Note: All orders must be placed before 3:00PM PST for each home game.


Ordering Deadlines

Event Day Catering Deadline
Thursday Monday - 3pm
Saturday Tuesday - 3pm
Sunday Wednesday - 3pm
Monday Wednesday - 3pm
*All times PST


All orders placed after the deadlines will be considered a day-of-event order. Each day-of-event order will be placed in the order it was received. As noted above, pre-ordering food and beverage is recommended for optimal service.