Parking & Transportation


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Help make the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum and parking lots an enjoyable environment for all fans, guests and tailgaters by observing these guidelines:

  • The Oakland Raiders’ Fan Code of Conduct will be enforced in all parking lots. Behavior prohibited by the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated in the parking lots. See Code of Conduct for further details
  • Pre-purchased parking passes are required for all Coliseum property parking lots. Cash or any other form of payment is not accepted at property gates
  • Overnight parking is prohibited
  • Line-up for early arriving vehicles will begin seven (7) hours prior to kickoff
  • By Oakland City Ordinance, all D.J. set-ups, bands, performances, and amplified noise or music are prohibited. This policy will be enforced by law enforcement and violations may result in confiscation of equipment and/or citations
  • Lewd and/or disruptive behavior in parking lots will not be tolerated
  • Failure to observe traffic, parking and behavior rules of attendants, law enforcement, and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum personnel may result in revocation of ticket and parking privileges
  • Please observe all official barriers, fences, and dividers. Unauthorized removal of traffic control dividers is prohibited
  • All vehicles and pass holders must park where directed by Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum personnel and parking attendants
  • Parking spaces, including ADA accessible spaces, may not be reserved, held, or saved for any reason
  • Tailgating is limited to the area directly in front of or behind all vehicles
  • Tailgating in an open or unused parking space is prohibited
  • There is no parking in fire lanes, non-designated parking areas, or any restricted zones
  • Guests must use appropriate disposal receptacles for garbage, charcoal, and waste
  • Please observe the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Parking Lot speed limit of 10 mph

Parking Passes

  • Single game parking passes are available through the NFL TICKET EXCHANGE
  • Parking passes are only valid for the purpose of parking a vehicle
  • Parking passes do not entitle the pass holder to occupy a parking space for any reason, other than to park a vehicle
  • Parking passes can only be used for the lot designated on the pass
  • Parking passes cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed
  • Refunds will not be issued for lost, stolen, destroyed, or unused parking passes
  • Pass holders must enter through the designated Lot Entry Gate indicated on the back of the parking pass. Pass holders who attempt to enter through any Coliseum Lot other than that which is specified on their parking pass will be redirected to the correct gate

ADA & Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking is available in A, B, C, and D Lots of the Coliseum
  • All accessible parking spaces require a valid ADA placard or plate
  • In the event that accessible parking is full, ADA placard or plate holders will be offered the next available parking space in the Reserved Parking Lots. ADA placards or plates alone do not grant access to Coliseum lots
  • Courtesy Shuttles are available to assist you in getting from the parking lot to the Coliseum entry gates

Oversized Vehicles

  • Oversized Vehicles, including RVs and Buses of any kind, must have a pre-purchased pass for the Oversized Vehicle Parking Lot
  • Oversized Vehicles are designated as vehicles longer than 20 feet. NO TRAILERS ALLOWED
  • RV/Bus Passes are available for purchase as a Season Pass or Single Game Pass
  • Oversized Vehicles must enter through the Oversized Vehicle Entry Gate (Baldwin Gate) indicated on the back of the parking pass
  • Vehicles that are shorter than 20 feet will not be permitted to park in the Oversized Vehicle Lot


  • Limousine parking is $75.00 per game and must be purchased in conjunction with select tickets directly from the Raiders. Please contact The Oakland Raiders Ticket Office at 1-800-RAIDERS for further details.


Access to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum via the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is available by exiting at Coliseum Station and crossing the pedestrian bridge.

Weekday lines of service

  • Antioch-SFO/Millbrae
  • Dublin/Pleasanton-Daly City
  • Richmond-Warm Springs/South Fremont
  • Warm Springs/South Fremont-Daly City
  • Richmond-Millbrae
  • Millbrae-SFO

Weekend/evening lines of service

  • Antioch-SFO
  • Dublin/Pleasanton-MacArthur
  • Richmond-Warm Springs/South Fremont
  • Millbrae-SFO

Below are directions to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum via BART on a Sunday based on location;

  • From the peninsula, take the SF/Antioch train to 12th Street/Oakland City Center and transfer to a Dublin/Pleasanton or a Warm Springs/South Fremont train to arrive at Coliseum Station.
  • From Millbrae, take the SFO shuttle train to SFO, then follow the peninsula directions.
  • From San Francisco, take the Antioch train to 12th Street/Oakland City Center and transfer to a Dublin/Pleasanton or a Warm Springs/South Fremont train to arrive at Coliseum Station.
  • From west Contra Costa County, take the Warm Springs/South Fremont train to arrive at Coliseum Station.
  • From central and eastern Contra Costa County, take the SF/SFO train to MacArthur Station and transfer to a Warm Springs/South Fremont or Dublin/Pleasanton train to arrive at Coliseum Station.
  • From the Tri-valley or the Central Valley, take the MacArthur train to arrive at Coliseum Station.
  • From Fremont or Silicon Valley, take the Richmond train to arrive at Coliseum Station.
  • From the Oakland Airport, take the OAK Airport Connector AGT outside of Terminal 1 to arrive at Coliseum Station.

To contact BART directly, call 510-464-6000 or visit

AC Transit

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) operates nine (9) bus routes that service the Coliseum BART Station. Effective March 25th 2018, lines 45, 46, 46L, 73, 90, 98, 805, 646, and 657 serve the station. From the station, walk up to and across the BART bridge. To view exact routes and schedules, click here. AC Transit can be contacted at 510-891-4777 or online at

Freeway Access

If traveling northbound on Interstate 880, exit at either Hegenberger Rd./Coliseum (Exit 36) or 66th Ave./Zhone Way (Exit 37) to access the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. If traveling southbound on Interstate 880, exit at either 66th Ave./Zhone Way (Exit 37) or Hegenberger Rd./Oakland Airport (Exit 36). Those with a parking pass for A Lot or D Lot should use Exit 37, while those with a parking pass for B Lot or C Lot should use Exit 36.