Barnes: "This Is A Rivalry Game"


Barnes:"We're really good in the red zone. Derek [Carr] is getting better as a young quarterback. He's making checks on the line. He's getting rid of the ball fast. I think there are a lot of different, other things that we're doing well too, it's just that we don't have the result yet. Right now our focus is just on Denver and getting the first win, but just coming out and playing a high tempo, highly-competitive game against a division opponent."

Q: Donald Penn said yesterday that the Achilles heel of this team has been the run game. What does it take to get the run game going?

Barnes:"Just every man, not just the line, but all 11 guys just doing our job to execute, because it only takes one guy here or there to slip to make the whole play fall down. When all 11 guys are on the same page, usually good results happen, so as long as we do that we should be good."

Q: It seems like the team has really bought in to Tony's [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] philosophy. What makes you guys want to play for a coach like that?

Barnes:"Well, he's been my line coach the last two years. He's kind of one of those guys that when he steps into a room, he kind of demands respect. He comes from the Bill Parcells tree, so he's a no-nonsense guy, and when you hear him talk, even in his voice- He walks in the room and he demands respect. He comes from old school coaches. He knows how to coach. He's been a great coach for me. You just want to play for the guy. You just want to win for him. He has that intimidating factor. For me, I'm a guy that can excel in that. I don't shy away from it. I actually kind of welcome that kind of coach."

Q: He's been pretty honest, truthful?

Barnes:"Always. He's always honest. He's straight, up front. If you ask him something, he'll give it to you. He'll never beat around the bush, and you can respect that, because a lot of times in this league you don't have loyalty. He's definitely a guy that has loyalty. He'll give it to you. He demands that you give it back to him, and we're all good with that."

Q: Going back to left guard, is it sort of like riding a bike or do you have to switch your brain up a little bit?

Barnes: "In the game the other day, it wasn't like riding a bike. After a few plays, it was kind of like, 'Okay I'm getting back into it again.' This week at practice it was kind of like, alright, I'm getting back into it a little bit and switching my feet over from the right side being a tackle, now being back to where I was in April. You have to be shorter. Everything happens faster. The week was good for me, so I think I'll be ready to go out there on Sunday against Denver."

Q: Playing a team like the Broncos is already a huge challenge, but them coming off a loss, does that intensify the challenge a little bit?

Barnes:"No. I don't think it matters, not one bit. This is a rivalry game and historically, if you look at these two teams, I don't think it matters what the records are. It's a tough, physical game. Whether we go to their place or they come to our place, regardless of the record- I know since I've been here the last six years, every time we play those guys, it has been real physical. It's an opponent game, and it's our next opponent. If you're a man in this league and you're trying to get respect then it doesn't matter who you're playing and what the record is. That's how I'm approaching this game and I think that's how we're all approaching it."

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