Chicago Bears Tight End Martellus Bennett: "Every tight end is different"


Q: I'm sure you've noticed the tight ends have had a bit of success this year against the Raiders. Does that get you excited?

Bennett: "No, not really. A lot of teams treat me differently from how they treat other tight ends as far as attention goes. I'm pretty sure they're going to have a different way of covering me, doing different things to try to prevent me from getting off. I go into every game prepared to be blanket coverage and have to work to get open every single play. When you see people have success, that team is doing everything they can to correct it, so I feel like this week will still be a challenge."

Q: Have you seen them change up what they're trying to do against tight ends in the film?

Bennett: "Every tight end is different. Every tight end's game is different. The way offenses attack defenses is different. Once the game gets going, I'll see what they're trying to do to the game because I can watch tape, and nothing I see on tape is what they'll try to cover me as. So I'll just come in and have multiple plans for different techniques and different guys covering me and being prepared for anything they throw my way. I don't really expect to get any of the looks they have on tape, and if they do, I'll be ready for those as well."

Q: What's it been like dealing with all of these injuries so early in the year?

Bennett: "Not for me. I just keep going. I'm pretty sure for the guys who have injuries, it's been hard for them and maybe for the coaches. For me, I just continue to lock in and make sure I'm always available for my teammates on the field and off the field sometimes, too. Except for Tuesdays. (laughing)"

Q: What's it like working under first year Head Coach John Fox?

Bennett: "I love Fox. He's a straight shooter. He's straight to the point. You know what he wants and you know what he needs because he tells you. He tells you what his expectations are. You just try to go out there and meet those."

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