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Coach Cable: We came back today with a little more third down, good to see us be able to protect a little bit better and make some completions and convert some of those plays so some improvement from yesterday, and then a little bit of work in the red zone that you saw in the end. But overall, good practice and we will come back this afternoon and get out of pads and work some more situations.

Q: Zach was more involved in the end zone and was in the end zone four times today, it is coming along pretty well?

Coach Cable:I think so, I think that those guys are getting comfortable and understand what we are trying to do with him there and make him a part of it, a big part of it.

Q: What do you see form Zach Miller, how has he progressed in his career and his abilities?

Coach Cable:Consistency, I think that Zach is about consistency whether it is running, or the passing game it doesn't seem to matter. He seemed to be really solid and nothing ever real spectacular, but very good. Just a solid consistent football player. Q: Hitting and contact, seems so sensitive in this era?

Coach Cable:You have 80 guys and have to cut to 53. You will have your team, and every one of them is so valuable and so you want to be smart about it. You have to find the balance and have your team ready to play, and at the same time you have to protect your team as well.

Q: With the referees at practice, does that change the way you run practice or does it have no affect at all?

Coach Cable:It doesn't really, there is some emphasis going on, they are going to move the umpire behind the line of scrimmage with the referee. So I think that you are going to have to talk to your offense line about being better with your hands, they are going to see more of that stuff now. It is going to be looked at much more critically because you have two sets of eyes now. I think that for us just to do things on defense, defense holding, and pre-snap penalties on offense. Those seem to be the two areas that if we continue to clean up like we have, then we can really help ourselves down the road. So they are here and they have a purpose for being here.

Q: The pre-snap penalties, there was one on the first play on defense, and then there weren't very many, do you think that it went well in that regard?

Coach Cable:Yeah, there was six penalties total that I counted. I wasn't at seven on seven but I don't know that number there, but that is still too many. You would like to dial this thing in where you are so disciplined and so good before the ball is snapped on offense and that defensively they have the discipline to cover with their feet.

Q: In what ways can you see the chemistry developing between the quarterback and the offensive line?

Coach Cable:I think that they are always together. They are together off the field. I think that I see it from the standpoint, you see those guys eating together, and hanging out together, watching film together that naturally has taken on its own life.

Q: Can you describe a little bit the relationship you have with Robert Gallery. It seems like you guys talk after practice to the side, and why is that important to have that communication?

Coach Cable:If you know Robert, when he came out of Iowa he was a really talented guy.  He was drafted second and then it didn't go right for him, I have always felt a kinship to him because when I came here in 2007, it was to start completely over. We have been able to do that, and along that journey we have built a pretty good relationship. If he stays healthy he is going to be a dominant guard in this league.  I know that, and I see that, and so I want to keep helping him be as good as he can.

Q: What is Langston Walker showing in the lineup thus far?

Coach Cable:You know, you have such a great big guy who is comfortable as a right tackle and probably natural at it there. I like the size and the mass in terms of being able to protect the quarterback. He is really starting to get a feel for what we are trying to do when we are running the ball so he has been a positive.

Q: Coach, last season you had four players with interceptions on the defense. How do you get more turnovers and more players involved?

Coach Cable:Well, you see at practice what we are doing every other practice. We are in a turnover and takeaway circuit to start practice, because we have to change entirely who we are in terms of taking the ball away defensively. Oakland has been last in the last three years in the AFC West, in terms of turnover takeaway margin and it is not good enough. We are never going to win the division until we get that one issue changed, and if we can change that. We have made leaps and bounds of improvement over where we are trying to get. And on the other side of the ball we have to take care of it. Locking it away when you have it, and the quarterback making good decisions. It is important to us, and we are stressing it, and we are putting a lot of emphasis to getting it and keeping it.

Q: Speaking of change, Tom you have a lot of experience and more depth at quarterback, what kind of a comfort zone does that create as you as a coach as well as the players?

Coach Cable:It is really good and I think that the nice thing that I think that our players are really comfortable with our group of quarterbacks. Whoever the three guys are that make this team, will be confident and whoever is in the game. I feel like if something does happen and if you have to go to another guy that we will be okay. We have been down that road enough now to feel some comfort with that. I like the players, and I think that this team has a lot of respect for that group.

Q: How do you get ready for the humidity that you are going to be facing in Dallas and the weather conditions?

Coach Cable:You can't, you can't do that until you go in there. I think that what is really exciting for us is we are going to go to Dallas and it is going to be warm there and all that. Then we are going to go to Chicago and it is going to be extremely humid. When I was in Atlanta we played a game there and early. I know what it is going to be like and it is great for us and it will prepare us for Tennessee. There really isn't a way to prepare for it early, you have to go get in it and live it, and you have to suffer in it, because that is what it is.

Q: As far as taking care of the ball on the offensive side, do you think that it is technique oriented or is it a mindset?

Coach Cable:I think that it is a little bit of technique, but I sure do think it is a mindset. I think that it is a mindset on both sides of the ball; you make up your mind and go get it and take it away. You make up your mind to keep it and make good decisions, and I think that is something that you can teach them.

Q: What have you noticed about Jason Campbell that has impressed you?

Coach Cable:My bottom line feel from him, and his approach for everything is that it is new and that I am hungry and that I want to be great. So he has passion and professionalism and I love that about him, and I think that his teammates have seen that in him already.

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