Coach Jackson Sunday Conference Call


Q: You feeling better then last night?

Coach Jackson: Yeah, I'm feeling better. It's a new day.

Q: Any update on Jason Campbell?

Coach Jackson: I think Jason, obviously, he'll have to follow some protocols, but I think Jason will be practicing tomorrow.

Q: How big of a relief is that with what happened with him taking a knee to the helmet last night?

Coach Jackson: Oh, I think it's a huge relief. Any time a guy goes out and needs to be want to make sure the next day that everything is going to be okay but I think he's going to be good.

Q: Coach any update on Kevin Boss?

Coach Jackson: Yes, Kevin Boss has a knee sprain. He'll probably end up being week to week as we go forward.

Q: Watching the film, does anything look better than it did from the sidelines?

Coach Jackson:  Yes, there were a couple of guys. I thought Darrius Heyward-Bey made some huge catches, made some plays and Denarius Moore made some plays. I thought the pass protection unit was doing a good job. We still need to continue to improve some things communication-wise in that area but as a unit, I think those guys are doing a good job as far as protecting the quarterback.

Q: As you learn more about the guys on this offensive line, are you any closer to coming up with guys that are going to make up the starting unit?

Coach Jackson: Oh yes, I think we are getting very close with that. I mean obviously we have two more preseason games but I think as we continue to get people back, hopefully we'll get a couple more guys back this week. I think we'll be closer to making sure we put those five guys out there.

Q: You haven't had Darren [McFadden] out there but what do think of the running game, did you expect more out of it at this point?

Coach Jackson:  Oh yes, well there are a couple things I've been working on with the offense. We know we can run the ball pretty decently and we knew obviously Darren hadn't been here but [Michael] Bush was here. Bush got some carries yesterday and I think he averaged more than four yards a rush. But, I wanted to make sure that we are continuing to grow in some other areas of our offensive football team and I'm beginning to see the results. I think the guys are working at it and pretty soon, it's going to be time to just put our offense totally together and let it go.

Q: How did Bruce Campbell fare last night?

Coach Jackson: I think he did some good things. Bruce is a big guy and I thought he was very stout over there at right guard. I mean when he puts his hands on you, he stops you. But obviously that was his first game experience since training camp started, so that was good to see him out there competing and we will get him back in there this week to give him another opportunity.

Q: Will you be apt to go live tackling at all this week in practice, based on how the run defense did last night?

Coach Jackson: Well, that is something I always keep in my back pocket. So, as we put the schedule together for tomorrow's practice and meet with the coaches, we'll make a decision on what we need to do.

Q: With the way the run defense had troubles last night, and looking at film, was that more a technique thing, a positioning thing or kind of desire at this stage in the preseason?

Coach Jackson: It was more technique and fundamentals. I think we just need to continue to practice and hone in on the things we know that it takes to play a very solid sound run defense.  There were some stops at some times but then all of a sudden, here is one squirting out of there cause maybe somebody jumped out of a gap or something like that. I think when the players see the tape, they'll understand exactly what we need to do. I know it sounds like a broken record, but trust me we are going to get this thing fixed.

Q: With all the talk about being a bully, are you surprised where you are in that aspect?

Coach Jackson: No, you don't build a bully overnight and you don't build a bully in two days with two preseason games. So, I think that all these preseason games are very important and all matter; I don't want to put that out there that they don't. But I know that come September 12th, they truly do matter. I think our team understands that we need to make some strides, we need to get better, and we need to keep working since we are a work in progress. But, we know what the goal is and we know exactly what it is that we need to get done.

Q: If Jason Campbell hadn't gotten hurt, was Trent [Edwards] just going to get one series or quarter?

Coach Jackson: No, he might have gone on to start the second half. We just didn't get the ball very much on offense in that first quarter as you know and we didn't have many shots. If I have things correctly, I think our first team played 17 plays.  So we didn't have many cracks at the ball but if Jason hadn't gone down when he did, I would have started Trent in the third quarter.

Q: How you would rate the backup cornerbacks at this point?

Coach Jackson: I think DeMarcus Van Dyke, who went in for CJ [Chris Johnson], is a young player, has some talent and is getting better. Obviously, Walter McFadden played last night again, Jeremy Ware played, and Chimdi Chekwa played with his first action. It was the first time for a young man to be in the game under a performance type situation. He did some things that he [Chimdi] can build on and get better. We just need to continue to have those young guys play so that they can get experience and understand what an NFL game is.

Q: You had trouble covering tight ends yesterday. Is that a matter of just getting beat or so something scheme-wise you can fix?

Coach Jackson: I think it's something we can fix. We have to play some of the great tight ends in this league, especially with the young man down in San Diego [referring to Antonio Gates]. I think we know how to do it and there were instances last night where we weren't where we needed to be. But those things are all very fixable.

Q: Do you have any reaction to the violence that happened in the parking lot between fans?

Coach Jackson: I hope everybody is fine and safe. I hope it is an environment where people can come out and enjoy a game. Hopefully, those things don't happen.

Q: Anybody else come out of the game nicked?

Coach Jackson: Jerome Boyd was the only other young man, and he got a contusion. He is day to day but I think he has an opportunity to practice tomorrow.

Coach Jackson: Let's talk about something really positive, we had 15 players; including our top draft picks Stefen Wisniewski, DeMarcus Van Dyke, and Chimdi Chekwa; take time out of their day off to visit the veterans at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville, located 10 minutes north of our hotel. That's a big deal for our players to do that on their day off today.

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