Coming Home Twitter Response


Photo by Tony Gonzales

The episode of Coming Home, in which serviceman Michael Eaton was reunited with his family during halftime of a Raiders game, aired on Lifetime Television on Sunday. Here are some of the reactions by Raiders Twitter followers while watching the show.

@kelceedrow: @RAIDERS Bawling my eyes out! You guys are amazing. They definitely deserved it. #ComingHome #RaiderNation

@twizted209: @RAIDERS here on the West Coast responding. It's a great episode. God bless America and our soldiers.

@Raiderfan_559: @Raiders on #ComingHome is #MustSeeTv right now #RaiderNation

@TheRealCorb: @RAIDERS watching the #ComingHome Episode on lifetime at the hospital..My lil Raiderette was Born today!!

@FSUBulldog23: #ComingHome with @RAIDERS!!! I love being part of the greatest nation on the planet, the #RaiderNation!!!

@paul_raider: @RAIDERS watching right now. It's awesome to watch these heroes get there due and the Raiders making it happen.

@KaylaaaG: And here come the water works! :'))) #ComingHome @Raiders

@Xia_Coleman: #ComingHome had me in tears! So proud that @ChimChek is apart of the @RAIDERS. What they did for that military family was so sweet!

@manboski: @RAIDERS great story on lifetime way to support the troops make any tough Raiders fan cry #RaiderNation forever!

@sicks69: @RAIDERS I wasn't there I'm in PA. I'm a navy brat and the kids feelings and emotions are real. I hated saying goodbye to my dad. Loved his return

@Gamble91403: @RAIDERS that was awsome. #ComingHome

@RFWes: @RAIDERS I was lucky enough to see the #ComingHome reunion. It was such a beautiful moment seeing 55,000 on their feet welcoming him home

@raiderdawg71: @RAIDERS I was there live and I found myself thankful to the Raiders and to the men and women of our armed forces as well as their families.
I am not going to lie I JUST TEARED up again like I did at the game @Raiders @lifetimetv #cominghome

@MartyMedina: @RAIDERS I was at the game and it was very touching to see a family united especially with a place that has nothing but love for troops

@mgordon0731: @RAIDERS that show was awesome. I loved it!

@silver75black: @RAIDERS balling my eyes out with all these great family reunions! Love the Eaton Family! #RaiderNation #ComingHome

@2_Raiderfanz: @RAIDERS Coming home episode was AWESOME!


@shicetygrl: Just finish watching Coming Home on Lifetime. What a great home coming for a @RAIDERS fan!

@G3Monica: ...still crying. @RAIDERS you did an amazing job helping that family reunite !!! S/O to ALL military fams especially the wives! #ComingHome

@raidernation909: @RAIDERS #ComingHome I got all choked up watching this. What a beautiful thing here. Much respect. Thank you US MILITARY!! #RAIDERNATION

@80DELUZ: @RAIDERS WATCHING COMING HOME RIGHT NOW #touching much respect to all the people in the @RAIDERS organization that made this family happy!!

@JudgeJr37: @RAIDERS How could you not cry & be proud after watching #ComingHome? Greatest halftime in coliseum history.

@TheSveed: Watching #ComingHome featuring @RAIDERS I was at game it was filmed at & bawled like a baby. Bawling again watching it on TV. #SuchASap

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