Josh Jacobs expresses 'surreal feeling' to bring his family back together


Josh Jacobs grew up without a home, living in and out of hotel rooms with his father and siblings, sometimes even sleeping in their car.

Josh's father, Marty, worked relentlessly to provide food for his family and give his children every opportunity to succeed. Earlier this year, Jacobs decided to use his success to buy his dad a brand new house in Stillwater, Okla., paying him back for all his years of sacrifice. In an interview with The Players' Tribune, Jacobs recalls what this moment was like, to see his father's eyes well up with tears.

With his dad settled into his new home, Josh is ready to find a home of his own in Las Vegas, but hasn't been able to find the right one just yet. The Raiders' star running back needs something that can accommodate his family for when they come to visit him, and he's hoping to find it soon.

"It's got to have at least four bedrooms and at least four bathrooms," Jacobs said. "My family likes to come to the games and they'll want to stay with me, and that's kind of my way of kind of keeping the family vibe and the energy around."

At 22 years old, Jacobs is grateful to be in the position he's in and he hopes to use it to bring his family back together.

"To break, what I call, generational curses within our family is a surreal feeling," he said. "Just being able to be that guy to mold the family back together on every side; whether it's my mom and my dad's side. To have everybody come back together as one kind of gives me chills thinking about it."