Lions WR Calvin Johnson: "They've got some talent back there"


Q: How much of a relief was it to get the win last week?

Johnson:"It was good. It was a big, emotional win and something that we needed to get us going on the right track."

Q: How has the adjustment been with the new offensive coordinator? Did it take a little bit of time?

Johnson:"We had the bye week, so guys were able to get a little bit more planning with it before we had to go into a game with the system. That time off definitely helped us out."

Q: What impressions do you have of the Raiders' secondary?

Johnson:"They've got some talent back there of course. They've got Charles [Woodson] back there. I played against him when he was in Green Bay. He's still a ball hawk, doing his thing. Other than that, they have some not really young talent. They've got some veterans back there that have been around, that have played a little bit of ball, that have some experience. It's going to take us bringing our A game."

Q: Does Charles look any different than he did when you faced him in Green Bay?

Johnson:"The guy can still fly around. You see him chase down Antonio Brown on one of the plays. He gets things done, so he can still run. He's got great ball skills. It's not better than – he's always had great ball skills. He's a good player, man."

Q: What are your thoughts on the Raiders' defense as a whole?

Johnson:"They're going to be without one of their big guys [Aldon Smith], but they still have guys that can get after you. I have to say, a big thing for us is communication, especially up front so they make sure we get all those guys blocked up whether we're passing or running the ball."

Q: It seems like the run-pass balance for you guys has been very heavy on the pass for you this season. How is your relationship with Matt Stafford?

Johnson: "We have a really good relationship. We've been together for a long time. We've done a lot of good things together. As far as the ratio of run to pass, we've been behind a few games so we've had to fight our way back, but as long as we keep that game within a manageable distance or if we're not on top or just behind, we can continue to run the ball. I think we're slowly starting to get better at that aspect of our game and the better we get the more it helps our ability to try passing the ball."

Q: This is a rare match-up for the Lions and Raiders. What are your thoughts in general about taking on the Raiders this weekend?

Johnson:"You look forward to every game, but definitely this is the next one up. Definitely trying to stack some wins on top of each other, so that's our biggest focus. You can't have a letdown, especially after a big, emotional win like we had last week. We've got to focus even harder."

Q: How much have you seen of Amari Cooper?

What are your impressions of him? Johnson:"I haven't gotten to see him live besides a few highlights here and there, but it seems like he's doing a great job in his rookie year. He had a great college career and everything seems to be transferring over for him really good. He's playing well."

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