Maxx Crosby discusses advocating for change on 'The Lefkoe Show'

As protests against social injustice have increased throughout the country, Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby has been an outspoken member of the team, advocating for justice within our country.

Thursday, Crosby appeared on The Lefkoe Show to discuss why it's been so important to share his voice.

Crosby details how he grew up in LaPeer, Mich., which is a predominantly white area, but moved to Dallas and experienced a more "multi-cultural" atmosphere. His upbringing has compelled him to speak out against the racial injustice that's occurred, and he feels obligated to do his part.

"I'm must trying to be a good teammate and trying to have open ears, and helping out any way I can," Crosby explained. "I wasn't raised that way, I've seen it all, and [racial injustice] is definitely a problem. People kind of just turn their cheek to it, and it's always been there, and everyone knows it, but no one has really stepped up. It's finally kind of happening, it's awesome to see. Every league is kind of addressing it and it's cool."

Over the last couple of months, Crosby has stepped up in the community, donating meals to hospitals, and now advocating for change. Fellow Raiders, Jason Witten and Tyrell Williams have also tried to create positive change.

You can watch the full episode of The Lefkoe Show, featuring Crosby, here.