Oakland's A Safe Place Presents Raiders Women's Association With 'Community Champions' Award

Photo shows Raiders Women’s Association members Shannon Whitehead, Takira Joyner, Heather Carr, Carolyn Russell, Executive Director of A Safe Place, RWA member Mandy Mayock, during “Community Champions” Award presentation.

A Safe Place, an Oakland domestic violence program for battered victims and children that operates a shelter facility, recently honored the Raiders Women's Association (RWA) with their Community Champions Award during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is in October. The RWA has previously donated presents from their Holiday Gift Drive to residents of A Safe Place.

Raiders Women's Association members Heather Carr, Takira Joyner, Mandy Mayock and Shannon Whitehead accepted the award from Carolyn Russell, Executive Director of A Safe Place during a presentation that took place at the Raiders Alameda Facility.

"A Safe Place works hard all year to stop the cycle of domestic violence in Oakland, but our team doesn't do it alone," said Carolyn Russell, Executive Director of A Safe Place. "We have help from amazing individuals, groups and businesses who want to make our community a safer place to live. In recognition of this support, we are excited to announce our new annual 'Community Champions' Award."

The RWA consists of spouses and significant others of players, coaches and staff as well as front office staff members and engage in programming based on four cornerstones—education, philanthropy, fellowship and culture.

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