Off-Season Workouts Day 4


QB Terrelle Pryor. Photo by Tony Gonzales

The Oakland Raiders completed the first week of their 2012 off-season program, in which the players reunited, met new faces, and were introduced to the coaching staff. "The first week has been great," said LB Aaron Curry. "I've never been so excited before about being with my teammates and to see everyone's Commitment to Excellence."

The players in attendance have been working hard with the strength and conditioning coaches, to get in peak athletic shape by the start of the 2012 season. "It feels real good," said T Khalif Barnes. "We went at it on the physical side of it. Our strength and conditioning has been awesome for the first week out of the gate. It's good work."

Second-year QB Terrelle Pryor has been impressed with the level of commitment and excitement among all his teammates. "Everybody looks very productive and we're working very hard to get to a goal," said Pryor. "It's great to see everybody in here working hard."

The players are hoping to develop a bond with their teammates throughout the off-season program that will translate on the field. "We're hoping to accomplish chemistry, not just on the field, but off the field, getting to know each other as people and as players."

In addition to bonding in the weight room, the guys are putting in work during meetings with their coaches. "I just want to learn as much information as I can, be a sponge and just learn," said Pryor. "It's going way better than last year when I first came in and I know a lot more stuff than I did. I'm trying to get smarter and better as a football player."

For Pryor, having quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo has been a new and welcome change. "Well last year, we didn't have a quarterback coach," Pryor explained. "This year we do, so it's a lot better because we can relate to him and he can go into more depth with the offense, so it's great for me."

As the Raiders break for the weekend, Barnes is happy with the first week of work. "Getting back with the guys, learning the schemes, has been nice. It's nice to be back into football," said Barnes.

The team reconvenes on Monday to begin their second week of the off-season program.

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