Raiders Academic Honors

Each month during The Oakland Raiders 2014 regular season, the Raiders selected five recipients for the Academic Honors Award. Each of the recipients received tickets to attend a game with a guest, was presented with an Academic Honors plaque, and was recognized on-field for a special pre-game ceremony. Here are the honorees for December.


Diego De La Rosa – Student – Walnut Heights Elementary 

Diego De La Rosa is a 5th grader at Walnut Heights Elementary in Walnut Creek. He is an exceptional student and talented public speaker.  This winter he is enrolled in an extracurricular art class where he learns fundamental concepts such as color, line, space form; he will apply those concepts in modeling and drawing projects.  Diego enjoys helping classmates and teachers when he can.  He is a logical, strategic thinker academically and in everyday life, and aspires to be an engineer or a professional gamer.  Most days you can find Diego hanging out with classmates, his dog Darwin or playing Minecraft with friends. Like most kids, his favorite food is pizza and he doesn't like chores (though he gets them done!). 

Malachi Francois – Student – Lincoln Middle School

Malachi is an active, 6th grade student-athlete. He keeps a busy, year-long schedule, attends school, and goes to practice six days per week, while maintaining a 3.33 GPA. He has an infectious spirit, laugh and smile. His teachers and coaches say he is a pleasure to be around. He has a lot of passion for science and history projects and sporting clinics. Malachi plays Alameda Little League baseball and AYB basketball and he plays for the Neptune Beach travel baseball team and the Alameda Vipers travel basketball team. He is fiercely loyal to his classmates and teammates.  He enjoys chess, loves the beach and swimming, and is an outdoor enthusiast. Malachi aspires to spend more time participating in local events and volunteering in his community.* *

Eli McGowen – Student – Westwood Elementary

Eli goes to Westwood Elementary in Concord, CA and is in kindergarten. He has enjoyed learning the alphabet, and is learning to read basic words and loves tackling a book. Eli likes PE and anything outdoors and sport related. Outside of school, Eli is in gymnastics, has exceptional hand and eye coordination, and plays soccer. He spends time in many activities at church and is a great friend to his buddies. He enjoys minecraft and legos. He is very enthusiastic and is fearless when it comes to trying something new. He dives head first into anything that looks fun, sometimes literally.

Seamus McGuinness – Student – Academy of Alameda

Seamus is an intelligent, well-rounded 8th grade student at the Academy of Alameda. While balancing a very busy academic and athletic schedule, Seamus has been able to maintain a 3.6 GPA. He has a thirst for obtaining knowledge and can always be seen reading. Very mature for his age, Seamus has been a leader in the Alameda community by volunteering to work with younger kids. A very determined and focused teenager, Seamus strives to be a great son, friend, classmate, and teammate.

John Melvin – Principal – Fairview Elementary

Mr. Melvin has been a support to the teachers, staff, students and parents within the Fairview Community by being an active participant of a multitude of school and community support groups. Mr. Melvin has helped shift the Fairview culture with his positive outlook and nurturing demeanor. He has revived the desire for our students wanting to attend school. Mr. Melvin has given Fairview a sense of necessary calmness which is a delight.

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