Raiders to Make Use of Time Off


FB Marcel Reece makes a catch during the final mini-camp practice. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Although the players won't be working together at the facility, they will continue to prepare for training camp in Napa, Calif., on their own. Head Coach Dennis Allen wants the time off to also be used for the players and coaches to get themselves fresh mentally and physically. "We're going to really use this time for both coaches and players to give ourselves a chance to recharge, get our batteries ready to roll again," said Coach Allen. "Because it's a long, grueling season and we all need a little bit of time to get recharged."

QB Carson Palmer is planning to use the time to dive deeper into his notes and playbook. "Really go back through everything, starting with protections," said Palmer. "Everything starts with protections. He fired everything at us, there really wasn't a time to sit back and absorb little things here and there; little nuances of the running game, little nuances of redirection protections and two-minute and all of these different situations. Really kind of break it down, starting with protections, and then go on through all of the run game responsibilities on the quarterback because that's where we're going to really set the tone of games- with our running game."

CB Pat Lee wants to focus on staying in football shape. "Work out and keep my body right and be ready for training camp," said Lee on his activities during the time off. "That's what everybody should do, basically, right now. So definitely I'm doing that."

FB Marcel Reece will spend time with his family, but also plans to improve each and every day. "Get better, every day," said Reece. "Just get better every day. Spend a little time with my family, because once training camp starts everybody knows it's all business for me and I'm pretty much off-limits, so, just get better in every way possible."

"I'll be back home training," said WR Darrius Heyward-Bey on the off-time. "For me, football never stops, I'm just going to continue to get better and get ready for the season."

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