Titans HC Mike Mularkey: "Regardless what the last three weeks say, it's a good football team"


Q: How has Marcus Mariota done transitioning to the NFL? Has it gone as expected?

Coach Mularkey:"I would say it has. I think all the big questions of can he function in a pro-style offense, I think he's answered that question. At least until this point, he's done well being under center. That really hasn't been an issue. If there's anything I thought early that may have been a challenge to him was just calling the plays. There's not a lot of play calls [in college]. They're signaling from the sideline. Basically the whole offense is getting the call. Now he has to make those calls. I know he studies and does it on his own, but that's gradually gotten better and better."

Q: What jumps out to you when you look at the Raiders on film?

Coach Mularkey:"It looks like they're trying to be the old Raiders with throwing down the field. A defense that's going to make you earn everything. Playing physical. Playing to the whistle. Playing well right now, I think. Regardless what the last three weeks say, it's a good football team."

Q: What are your initial thoughts on Amari Cooper? He's had an overall successful rookie campaign so far.

Coach Mularkey:"I'd say he's special. He's very special. Do not let your guard down. Don't base anything on the past few weeks, and be ready to go this week. That's all I'm going to say. This guy can change the game and it's our job not to let him do that. He's a game-changer."

Q: Have you seen a big jump in Derek Carr from Year 1 to Year 2 under center?

Coach Mularkey:"I think he shows a lot of poise. Still for a second year player, I think he has a lot of poise. I know Bill Musgrave. I know somewhat of what he's trying to do, and I think Bill's done a good job of putting him into position with the people. He has really good skill players. They're using him very well and not asking him to do a whole lot. And they're being very efficient. But you don't see him get rattled, Carr, at all for his age or his experience, I should say."

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