Wednesday, August 4th Camp Notebook

The trials of Training Camp 2010 reached new heights on the seventh day of practice for the Oakland Raiders. The hard fought practices are starting to heat up. With preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys on the horizon, determination and aggression are starting to manifest as players continue to battle for their roster spots.

DE Jay Richardson described the competitive nature that grows as training camp is carried out. "We are out there battling. We've been up tempo and getting at it hardcore. Everybody is really competitive and Coach Cable has built a competitive environment for us. It keeps you on your toes, ready to go whenever," Richardson explained. "As camp goes on, frustration sets in with everybody, and frustration turns into aggression, and aggression turns into more physical play. But that's what makes it fun," said Richardson.

TE Zach Miller agreed with Richardson that the physical style of play escalates daily. "You kind of ramp it up as the season gets closer. As you saw out there today, things have picked up in terms of the physical battle. The defense is pressing us and making us work, and we are doing the same to them," Miller said.

Veteran OT Langston Walker described training camp as a fight. "We go out there and go up against the same guys for a month. Obviously, aggression sets in as the fight continues. It's our job to get at it," Walker said.

The Raiders will be back on the field for two practice sessions on Thursday as Training Camp 2010 continues.

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