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Media Relations Policies

Interview Requests

The Raiders respectfully ask that all interview requests, for any member of the organization, be submitted through the team's media relations office. Players, coaches or staff should not be contacted by media directly by telephone, e-mail, or via social media, including Twitter.

HEAD COACH JON GRUDEN INTERVIEWS: Jon Gruden is available after most practices, as well as after every game. He also will conduct a weekly press conference, usually on Mondays, during the regular season, in the media room at the Alameda facility. Those requesting individual interviews should contact Will Kiss (

GENERAL MANAGER MIKE MAYOCK INTERVIEWS: Media wishing to request interviews with the Raiders' general manager should contact Will Kiss ( Interviews are scheduled as time allows.

ASSISTANT COACH INTERVIEWS: Assistant coaches are available by request, provided the request is made at least 24 hours in advance. During a regular-season Sunday game week, coordinators are only available on Thursdays, while other assistants are only available Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Following games, head coach Jon Gruden is the only coach available for comment.

PLAYER INTERVIEWS: Players are available after games and during practice weeks, and all one-on-one requests should be made through the media relations office. With respect to all players, the Raiders make players available to accredited media on Mondays, and open up the locker room to media following practice on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Practice Access & Photography/Videography Guidelines

Accredited members of the media that regularly cover the NFL are welcome to attend the first 30 minutes, or until the "team" portion, of regular-season practices. Photography and videography is allowed, in general, during this window. The team reserves the right to limit photography to certain periods due to competitive-advantage reasons. During any practice open to the media, visiting media should stand at a safe distance and hold all belongings, including bags and video cameras. Tripods are not allowed on the field during practice, for safety reasons.

Practice Reporting Policy

Blogging and tweeting from offseason, training camp and regular-season practices are permitted for practices that are open to the public. For all practices that are closed to the public, blogging and tweeting are permitted only within the designated viewing window. Consistent with Super Bowl reporting protocol for practices, the following are general reporting policies for all media, including blogging and tweeting:

  • Media may note which players are practicing as well as those who are not.
  • Media may report non-strategy and non-game plan observations (e.g. "Wide receiver made a nice catch on the sideline.").
  • Not permitted is any reference to plays run or game strategy. This includes describing formations, personnel groupings (i.e. composition of offensive line) or non-conventional (i.e. "trick") plays.
  • Not permitted is the reporting of which players are practicing with individual units (goal line offense, nickel/dime defense, etc.).
  • Not permitted is the reporting of practice injuries until the team has provided an official update. 
  • Access to the head coach following practice will be provided for comments and injury updates.
  • Not permitted is quoting, paraphrasing or reporting comments made by coaches, players or team personnel during a practice session.
  • Not permitted are any photo/video transmissions after the designated shooting period has closed.
  • Not permitted are wide-view photos/videos of formations and/or personnel groupings (shots must be tightly focused on the player/ball).
  • Not permitted is any audio of quarterback cadence, keywords, audibles, etc.
  • All cell phones must be turned to "silent" or "vibrate" mode for practice and all post-practice press conferences.

Postgame Interviews

ON-FIELD POSTGAME INTERVIEWS: All Raiders players and coaches must report to the locker room prior to conducting interviews. Other than network contractual obligations, there are no interviews allowed on the field in the minutes immediately following a home or road game.

POSTGAME INTERVIEWS: The Raiders will open their locker room to media following the NFL's mandatory cooling-off period after each game. Head Coach Jon Gruden will conduct his postgame news conference in the interview room adjacent to the Raiders locker room. Selected players may also be brought into the interview room following the game. The visiting team's head coach and selected players will be available in the interview room (Oakland A's weight room) located adjacent to the visitor's locker room.

Online Content Policy

Accredited organizations may distribute online non-game audio and video content, including interviews, press conferences and team practices at NFL venues, acquired as a result of credentialed access ("Game Information") to games or club/league facilities provided that such distribution: Is 90 seconds maximum per day (180 seconds in two-team markets, 90 seconds per team); may not be "archived" (i.e. made available for on-demand public access) for more than 24 hours; appears in an editorial context only (no sponsorship, merchandising or advertising integrated with or around the content); is not posted live, and is accompanied by links back to and to the club Web site. The 90-second limit does not include video/audio material that is comprised entirely of a credentialed media employee providing commentary or analysis ("Talking Head" reporting), including pre- or postgame stand-up material shot on the field or other facility location. While a game is in progress, any forms of accounts of the game must be sufficiently time-delayed and limited in amount (e.g. score updates with detail given only in quarterly game updates, fewer than 10 photographs during the game) so that the accredited organization's game coverage cannot be used as a substitute for, or otherwise approximate, authorized play-by-play accounts.

Credential Requests

Credential requests will be honored only for working media on specific assignment for a recognized news or sports organization. Credentials will not be issued to freelance writers or photographers. All single-game requests must be received by 5 p.m. (PT) on the Monday prior to each Sunday home game. All full-season and single-game credential requests must be submitted by an editor or sports director to the media relations department.


Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for parking passes, but due to limited space, parking cannot be provided for all credentialed media. Television trucks that provide satellite, uplink or microwave functions will need to make prior arrangements with a member of the Raiders' media relations office.

Media Will Call

The media will call booth is located in a kiosk at the base of the ramp between the Coliseum and Arena, adjacent to the "F" parking area, on the north side of the property. Each media member must pick up his/her own individual credential and present corresponding photo identification. Photographers and videographers can retrieve appropriate sideline vests at the booth. Media will call opens four hours prior to the scheduled kickoff.

Media Entrance

The media entrance is clearly marked and is located on the Plaza level. Media credentials will not be honored at any other gate. All media must check in at the media entrance before entering the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. For security purposes, individuals and their belongings will be searched upon entry into the stadium.


Sideline access for NFL games is limited to photographers and videographers on assignment for recognized news or sports organizations. All field photographers must remain outside the bench areas and outside the yellow border (dots) surrounding the playing field. All media (photographers, videographers and sideline reporters) working on the field during the game must wear a vest that can be obtained at media will call. Credentials will not be provided to "grips" due to on-field space limitations. The photo work room is located on the first floor of the Coliseum, a short distance from the media meal room.

Press Box Services

The press box and all broadcast positions are located on the Coliseum's third level and can be accessed via the press elevator. Programs, lineups, flip cards, statistics and game notes will be provided for each home game. Game stats are provided at the end of each quarter. Complete team and individual statistics are available after the game.

Pool Reporter

As assigned by the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA), the Oakland pool reporter for the 2017 season is Vic Tafur of The Athletic.