Player Personnel

  • Dave Ziegler General Manager
  • Champ Kelly Assistant General Manager
  • John Barnett Director of Scouting Administration and Assistant to the General Manager
  • Shaun Herock Senior Personnel Advisor
  • Dwayne Joseph Director of Pro Personnel
  • Brad Goldsberry Director of Football Systems
  • Brandon Yeargan Director of College Scouting
  • Keith Kidd Director of Scout Development
  • DuJuan Daniels Senior National Scout
  • Andy Dengler Senior National Scout
  • Lenny McGill Senior National Scout
  • Ben Chester Pro Scout
  • Jordon Hein Pro Scout
  • Adam Maxie Pro Scout
  • Calvin Branch Area Scout
  • Kyle Caballero Area Scout
  • Ryan Gravel Area Scout
  • Matt Hand Area Scout
  • John Hill Area Scout
  • Curtis Knox Area Scout
  • George Atkinson Scout
  • Greg Reuveni Personnel Coordinator
  • Jordan Brown Player Personnel Assistant
  • JaLun Morris Player Personnel Assistant
  • Nicholas Papagno Player Personnel Assistant

Football Administration

  • Tom Delaney SVP, Director of Football Administration
  • David Christoff Director of Football Analytics
  • Julia Ayres Football Administration Analyst
  • Walter King Football Research & Development

Football Operations

  • Tom Jones Vice President of Football Operations/Assistant to the Head Coach
  • Derek Haithcock Manager of Team Travel and Logistics
  • Daniel Leder Manager of Team Operations
  • Henry Schneider Manager of Coaching Operations
  • Ansley Moore Coordinator of Team Operations & Family Affairs

Training Staff

  • H. Rod Martin Head Athletic Trainer
  • Andrew Batshoun Rotational Athletic Trainer
  • Chris Cortez Head Athletic Trainer
  • Andrew Grant Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer
  • Timothy Harkins Physician Assistant/Athletic Trainer
  • Trevor Hunt Rotational Athletic Trainer
  • Lemar Mosley Protocol Coordinator/Athletic Trainer
  • Scott Touchet Director, Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer

Player Engagement

  • Montelle Sanders Director, Player Engagement
  • DeAngelo Shears Player Engagement Assistant


  • Bobby Romanski Equipment Manager
  • Adam Johnson Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Danny Molina Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Deavante Hall Equipment Specialist
  • John Miranda Equipment Specialist


  • Joe Harrington Director of Video Technology
  • Jason Negus Video Assistant


  • Bob Stiriti Vice President of Security
  • Ronald Connolly Director of Security


  • Peter Caracciolo Director of Operations
  • Najja Williams Facilities Manager, Chief Engineer
  • Mark Nichols Project Manager
  • Anthony Figueroa Facility Engineer
  • Hugo Herrera Facility Engineer


  • Zachary Longenecker Director of Field Operations
  • Collin Doebler Assistant Field Manager
  • McCade Lynch Assistant Field Manager
  • Logan Mace Assistant Field Manager
  • Sergio Nunez Assistant Field Manager


  • Jake Brubaker Executive Chef
  • Ricky Ng Performance Nutrition Director

Media Relations

  • Will Kiss Sr. Director of Media Relations
  • Cameron Russo Media Relations Manager
  • Jade Capristo Media Relations Coordinator
  • Joseph Hooven Media Relations Coordinator


  • Justin Carley SVP, General Counsel
  • Zahir Rahman Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
  • Piper Overstreet-White Vice President, Government Relations
  • Lucas Paule Associate Counsel
  • Nicole DiMuro Paralegal

Human Resources

  • Heather DeSanto Vice President, Human Resources
  • Sean Bustos Sr. Director, Talent and Culture
  • Beverly Shields Sr. Director of Human Resources
  • Devon Lewis-Buchanan Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director
  • Kendra Brown Human Resources Coordinator

Executive Assistant

  • Holly Ducharme Executive Assistant

Office Operations

  • Dona Verner Office Manager
  • Tlyssa Leyva Front Office Receptionist


  • Karen Otten

Information Technology

  • Matt Pasco Vice President, Information Technology
  • Shawn Testa Director, Information Technology
  • Alfredo Aceves Sr. Systems Administrator
  • Michele Amador Senior Desktop Support Specialist
  • Javier Armenta Desktop Support Specialist
  • Ryan Dorsey Systems Administrator
  • Luis Duenas Network Engineer
  • Andrew Ferrall IT Security Architect
  • Makana Willis Desktop Support Specialist


  • Michael Crome SVP, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jeffrey Stilkey Vice President, FP&A
  • Travis Scott Director, Accounting
  • Faith Eder Director, Payroll
  • Boubakar Jalloh Director, FP&A
  • Derek Person Accounts Payable Manager
  • Hollie Kizer Accounting Manager, Raider Image
  • Sandra Asuncion Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Jennie Alexander Payroll Specialist
  • May Escobar Sr. Accountant
  • Julie Gates Sr. Accountant
  • Benjamin Gerweck Ticket Finance Specialist
  • Sherrie Anne Menor Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Daniel Meza Staff Accountant
  • BreAnna Smith Executive Assistant

Special Projects

  • Cheryl Nichols SVP, Administration, Facilities and Ownership


  • Tiphanie McNiff Raiderettes Director
  • Maria Cabande Raiderettes Studio Manager
  • Stephanie Hardy Raiderettes Manager

Alumni Relations

  • Shannon Jordan Vice President, Alumni Relations
  • Callie Welch Director, Alumni and Marketing Relations
  • Katie Flath Manager, Alumni and Marketing Relations

Event Operations

  • Priscilla Almeida Vice President, Events
  • Diman Starring Sr. Manager, Event Operations
  • Karissa Duran Event Operations Manager
  • Leo Rogers Event Operations Manager
  • Marcus Castillo Event Operations Coordinator
  • Troy Maheras Event Operations Coordinator


  • Rebecca Finlay Creative Director
  • Cami Bennett Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Andrew Brass Graphic Designer
  • Caroline Bufano Graphic Designer
  • David Machuca Digital Designer
  • Chris Piret Graphic Designer

Digital and Social Media

  • Kasey Carlson Social Media Manager
  • Logan Norton Digital Content Manager
  • Levi Edwards Digital Team Reporter
  • Rachel Gossen Digital Managing Editor
  • Janay Hagans Social Media Coordinator
  • Michael Johnson Digital Content Coordinator

Media and Entertainment Operations

  • Brad Phinney SVP, Chief Experience Officer
  • Justin Casserly Director, Game and Event Presentation
  • Marcus Padilla Director, Broadcast
  • Kelly Heinle Manager, Live Entertainment Production
  • Antonette Manabat Media Asset Manager
  • Edward McGee Manager, Video Production
  • Eddie Paskal Manager, Audio Programming
  • James Vega Sr. Program Manager
  • Alexandra Curtin Broadcast Engineer
  • Paden Wigness Sr. Producer, Live Programming
  • Steven Browning Lead Editor
  • Steven Camacho Producer
  • Trisha Kirk Video Producer
  • Janella Lacson Producer
  • Michaela Jackson Producer & Media Coordinator
  • Eben Sawilchik Gameday Entertainment Coordinator
  • Sam Freed Shooter/Editor
  • Connor Young Shooter/Editor


  • Michael Clemens Director, Photography
  • Matt Aguirre Team Photographer
  • Jeff Bennett Photographer
  • Brittany Perry Photo Editor and Archivist

Premium Sales, Premium Service and Premium Hospitality

  • Qiava Martinez SVP, Chief Sales Officer
  • Panos Pappas Vice President, Premium Sales and Service
  • Cesar Serrano Director of Premium Sales
  • Kylee Chandler Director, Premium Hospitality & Suite Service
  • Shan Amthabhai Senior Manager, Premium Hospitality
  • Sheldon Bell Sr. Manager, Premium Sales
  • Francisco Ascencio Premium Sales Manager
  • Tisha Bell Premium Sales Manager
  • Howie Long Jr. Premium Sales Manager
  • Janae Miranda Premium Sales Coordinator
  • Nikki Birzon Premium Service Manager
  • Thomas Bold Senior Manager, Premium Service
  • Maria Carbajal Premium Service Manager
  • Sebastian Gomez Premium Service Manager
  • Anwaar Lacy Premium Service Manager
  • Jake Ortale Premium Service Manager
  • Samantha Sims Premium Service Manager
  • John Sklavos Premium Sales Manager
  • Ryann Gonzales Suite Service Manager
  • Cameron Stevens Senior Manager, Suite Service
  • Amir Zaffa Suite Service Manager

Corporate Partnerships

  • Christian Howard Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
  • Dana Geary Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships & Activation
  • Scott Erdmann Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships Sales
  • Melissa Bacon Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Karen Fontana Sr. Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales
  • Jamie Gary Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Bruce Moreno Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Holly Scarpinato Sr. Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales
  • Emilee Matsunaga Manager, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Amanda Wilson Manager, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Miller Silbey Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Kennedy Childress Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships Media and Events
  • Austin Crafton Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships Activation
  • Taylor Tufano Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships Activation

Stadium Management and Guest Experience

  • Adam Feldman Vice President, Stadium Management, Programming & Guest Experience

Stadium Development and Operations

  • Christopher Sotiropulos Vice President, Stadium Operations
  • Chloe Janfaza Director, Stadium Operations and Guest Experience
  • Dominic Albertoni Manager, Guest Experience and Operations
  • Andrew Hudgins Stadium Development and Operations Manager
  • Jessica Brady Coordinator, Stadium Management

Ticket Operations

  • Jaime LaFazia Sr. Manager, Ticketing Operations
  • Justin Lupo Sr. Manager, Ticketing Operations
  • Samuel Buzzas Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Stadium Tours

  • Jay Chess Vice President, Allegiant Stadium Tours and Group Sales
  • Lauren Aguilar Supervisor, Allegiant Stadium Tour Operations
  • Angelina La Fontaine Manager, Allegiant Stadium Tour Operations
  • Nicole Venta Coordinator, Allegiant Stadium Tours
  • Brett Werder Supervisor, Allegiant Stadium Tour Operations

Revenue Planning and Analytics

  • Jonathan Martinez Vice President, Revenue Planning & Analytics
  • Justin Barnes Director, Business Analytics
  • David Griffin Director, Digital Product
  • Jack Levey Digital Marketing Strategy Manager
  • Janiece Scharmann Digital Product Manager
  • Ken Schengrund Manager, Insights
  • Aomori Allen Analyst, Business Analytics
  • Billy Lu Research Analyst
  • Taylor Perea Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Adam Rockett Data Engineer

Community Relations

  • Erin Wright Vice President, Community Relations
  • Ebere Arum Director, Community Relations
  • Myles Hayes Director, Youth Football
  • Jordan Aguilar Manager, Youth Football
  • Marlynn Bartlett Manager, Youth Football
  • Melissa Tailes Raiders Ambassador Manager
  • Cassidy Turpin Community Relations Manager
  • Shelby Hurd Community Relations Coordinator

Public Affairs

  • Mike Taylor Director, Public Affairs

Raider Image

  • Cristina McAloon Sr. Buying Manager
  • Alexis Aguilar Buyer
  • John Yokoyama Buyer
  • Ronald Bradley III Assistant Buyer
  • Jason Brown Planning Coordinator
  • Eddie Willingham Sr. Manager, Planning & E-Commerce
  • Taryn Niederberger E-Commerce Content Coordinator
  • Jesus Aguilar Sr. Manager, Logistics & Customer Service
  • Jessica Felton Sr. Manager, Allegiant Stadium Retail Events
  • Jeremy White Manager, Retail Events
  • Brandy Moushey Retail Events Supervisor
  • Andrew Visconti Manager, Retail Events
  • Tom Lydon Sr. Store Manager
  • Joseph Tesconi Sr. Store Manager
  • Sophia Goucher Lead Store Manager
  • Jackie Kaufman Store Manager
  • Adrian Montoya Store Manager
  • Alec Munoz Store Manager
  • Erica Olive Store Manager
  • Brad Stewart Store Manager
  • Steven Hernandez Manager, Allegiant Stadium Distribution Center
  • Tamika Kelly Distribution Center Senior Supervisor
  • Amelia Lemos Distribution Center Fulfillment Supervisor
  • Dallas Redd Distribution Center Manager
  • Michael Acosta District Operations Manager
  • Garland Lewis Employee Relations & Compliance Specialist
  • Sarah Penksa Retail Marketing Coordinator
  • Chris Shelby Merchandising Coordinator