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2010 Preliminary Raiderette Auditions


Former Raiderette Loreen is hoping to return to the squad after four years. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

More than 300 candidates vying for a spot in next weekend's finals participated in the preliminary Raiderette Audition at the Hilton-Oakland Airport. The 2010 Raiderette Auditions, presented by Bud Light, conclude Sunday, April 18th, as more than 100 finalists, including returning veteran Raiderettes, will compete for 36 spots on this year's squad.

Newcomers, those who have auditioned in the past and former Raiderettes donned their best outfits, put on their make-up and styled their hair and put forth their best efforts to impress the panel of judges.

The reasons for wanting to become a Raiderette are as varied as the candidates. Six-year veteran Raiderette Loreen has been away from the Silver and Black for four years. She says that the allure and excitement of being on the squad were too much to resist. "I would love to come out and represent this organization well and be a positive role model in the community," Loreen said. "What haven't I missed? Definitely the camaraderie with the girls, I definitely miss mingling with the fans, the interaction with all of the fans…you all have the same passion for the same team."

While Loreen is looking forward to making another run with Football's Fabulous Females, most candidates are hoping to start their journey with the 2010 auditions.

Lauren C. of Modesto, Calif., went to high school with a former Raiderette and auditioned for the first time today. "I love Raiderettes and I'm a Raiders fan. [I have] eight years of dance experience," Lauren said.

Another first time candidate, Kara J. of Half Moon Bay, Calif., finds the prospect of cheering in front of thousands of fans on game day very exciting.

"I've always been a football fan. It's a passion of mine," Kara said. "I grew up a gymnast and switched to cheerleading because it's more exciting, It's more fan- based, I love performing for large crowds. It comes naturally to me. I'm nervous but I'm excited to see what happens next."

What comes next for those chosen as finalists involves learning the finals dance routine during the week and preparing for the final audition which will involve a photo session, interviews and a dance competition.

At the conclusion of 2010 Raiderette Auditions, presented by Bud Light, the new edition of the Raiderettes will be named and announced to the Raider Nation. You will get your first look at the new squad right here on

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