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Curry and Groves Visit Fremont Christian School


LBs Aaron Curry and Quentin Groves with one of the classes at Fremont Christian School. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Recently, Oakland Raiders LBs Aaron Curry and Quentin Groves visited Fremont Christian School in San Mateo, Calif., and spoke about overcoming adversity through determination and faith.  The linebackers, both of the Christian faith, felt that they have been able to overcome their personal struggles through hard work and faith. They spoke to both the elementary and junior high classes who listened to the linebackers' words of wisdom and personal stories.

Both groups of students were full of high energy and questions for the players.  The students were eager to hear the players talk about their personal relationship with their faith and how they apply it to their professional football careers. Curry and Groves introduced themselves and gave a background of where they came from and how they became professional athletes.

"They spoke both about in terms of their faith and talked about going through different trials and going through difficult times and how to overcome these adversities in their lives through their faith and by working together," said Pastor Glenn Pon, the event director for Fremont Christian School. "Their friendship also speaks of things that we can do in terms of being better teammates, better friends, and how to be better classmates."

Aaron Curry, one of the newest members of the Oakland Raiders, talked about his newly found faith and how it has become such an important influence in his life. He wanted the kids to not be afraid of asking for help from family, peers, and from God. "For me it was really having them understand that to keep your focus on Christ is going to get you through anything," said Curry. "He will get you through everything; all your trials, all your struggles, and any frustrations."

Groves had a specific message that he wanted the students to take away from the assembly, "My main thing I wanted them to take away is to never give up and to keep going and keep pushing."

Fremont Christian and Pastor Glenn Pon enjoyed the visit from the players. "We were definitely blessed as they also shared what it was like for them to be an elementary school kid and junior higher," said Pon. "We had a lot of fun with them and were definitely blessed by their presence."

Both players highlighted how important it was for them to come out and speak to the students. To them, both community service and enlightening youth is an important part of their job as a professional athlete. "I was once one of these kids," said Groves.  "It's always good when you get a break and time off and you get to see guys in different positions come out to the community and impact lives. And that's ultimately what I want to do."

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