Daniel Carlson hosts Reddit AMA

Rookie kicker Daniel Carlson recently participated in a Reddit AMA; take a look at the questions that he answered.

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Anyway; off we go.

Q: Are you happy or sad you never had to kick from the infield dirt?

Daniel Carlson: "Kind of sad, honestly. I wanted to experience it. I've grown up watching it on TV, obviously, and it would've been interesting to try it out. But obviously it's nice playing on grass. Mixed feelings about that one. laughs"

Q: How has being cut and re-signed changed your outlook on things? Has having a second chance to reprove yourself changed your work ethic in any way?

Carlson: "I was obviously very hard working before to get to the NFL, all that work put in, and it's the same thing after. You learn a lot from it though. You learn about the business side of the NFL. You learn about all the stuff off the field that changes — having to move around and stuff, that's never easy. But you have to continue to be ready for that next opportunity, and I was really excited my next opportunity ended up being here."

Q: Do you have a specific playlist that you like to listen to when you warm up?

Carlson: "I actually listen to worship music. A lot of the other guys are getting hyped up, but I have to kind of stay even-keeled and calm in those situation."

Q: What are some tips for beginners wanting to learn how to kick? Favorite meal?

Carlson: "Play soccer. Honestly. I'd say nine out of ten kickers played soccer growing up at some point. Very similar swing. It's just a good way to get that foot-eye coordination.

As for favorite meal, I can't say the traditional Swedish stuff is my favorite. Some of my grandma's Southern cooking, with all the sugar and grease in it... I'd say that stuff's pretty good."

Q: Have you gotten the time to hangout around Oakland? If so, what are your favorite places to eat in the Alameda/Oakland area?

Carlson: "Still exploring a lot. I've been to a lot of restaurants on Park Street. My wife and I have gotten to explore the whole Bay Area a lot. San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, all that. I hope to continue to do that."

Q: I am curious as to what other positions you played growing up and at what point did you decide kicking was your jam?

Carlson: "I didn't play football ever growing up. I started freshman year of high school. A family friend that went to our church was like, "Hey, our football team doesn't have a kicker this year. Are you interested in trying?" And I was playing soccer, so I would actually go straight from soccer practice, then go kick a football for about 10 minutes, and then call it a day. And then on Fridays I'd show up for games. I did that for a couple of years.

Going into my junior year of high school, I was like, "Hey, I'm actually pretty good at this. It's actually becoming more fun." So that's how I started to transition into kicking.

[Being asked to play] is something I think about all the time. I'm really glad he asked me. He was actually looking for my older brother. My older brother stayed in Sweden to play professional soccer. So I'm glad he stayed in Sweden. Laughs"

Q: Who's the athletic freak on the team other than yourself?

Carlson: "laughs Other than myself? Oh boy. That's tough to say. I'm still trying to figure out all the guy's names. I would "say Lee Smith. He had a pretty good touchdown this week, and for a big man, that's not too bad."

Q: Hey Daniel, what's your favorite Christmas song?

Carlson: "I'm kind of one of those people that waits until after Thanksgiving [to listen to Christmas music]. My wife, however does not. So I'm kind of sick of Christmas songs already. But I like the classics. The Bing Crosby kind of stuff."