Daryl Worley hosts reddit AMA

Cornerback Daryl Worley recently participated in a reddit AMA. Take a look at the questions he answered.

From ghostone986: Daryl with all the Fitzpatrick and Ramsey talk going on right now what is the biggest thing that sets an average corner/ safety apart from an elite one? I know it's dynamic but in your opinion what is the biggest?

DW: I think the difference between an average and an elite is plays on the ball. The production you have on the ball is really what separates guys, and I mean, you see it from the way guys get paid. Instincts go into that, for sure.

From ViralOner: Daryl, please tell me we're gonna beat the Chiefs and Chargers at least once this year. Even if you don't mean it, just say it.

DW: *laughs* Oh, yeah, we're definitely going to.

From reddit user: Who's your best homie on the team?

DW: My closest teammate would definitely be Karl. The longevity, how long we've known each other, how much we've been through and everything.

From Buckeyes1337: Coming into this past game there seemed to be a prove people wrong type of vibe going on. Is there still a strong confidence in the locker room? How does the overall reaction from the team compare to last year's team?

DW: This year, the vibe is amazing. You can tell a lot of guys are doing it for each other. And I think that's the biggest thing. We're following behind the leaders, the captains, and the vibe all around is that everyone wants the same thing and is on the same page.

From reddit user: Trying to ask everyone. What's your favorite sandwich?

DW: Cheesesteak.

From reddit user: What are you into off the field? Any particular hobbies, interests, passions, charities, etc?

DW: Off the field, I'm real big into music and fashion.

*From MNMKandyKane: What's one super power you wish you had?    *

DW: Invisibility.

From Icantevenread24: If every 30 seconds 10 kindergarteners are released, your goal is take down as many as you can before getting overtaken, how many do you think you can take?

DW: Hmm. And I'm taking them down any style? Probably about 60 or 70. Yeah, 60-70. *laughs*

From themostdetermined: Who hit harder Karl Joseph or KJ Dillon?

DW: Definitely Karl. Definitely Karl. Not even close.

From themostdetermined: Also, is there any reason why you picked #20?

DW: *laughs* Honestly, it was the only open 20-something number when camp was over. I just wanted to switch out of 36. If I could have it my way, I'd wear No. 7.

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From fuentesf51: What do you think takes to be crowned the division leader for any team involved? Do you think we are in the toughest division in the NFL?

DW: That's an interesting question. It depends on how you look at it. I mean every division is unique in its own way. I would say it's definitely a top-tier division when you go to look at the NFL. It has so many different threats, from the D-line to the threats on the offensive sides of the ball that the defense has to match each week.

I would definitely say its up there.

Some of the pass rushers that we have in this division are definitely lethal and make it hard for offenses. On the other hand, we have some offensive gurus out there. From our own Jon Gruden to over in KC, we have Andy Reid. They've been doing it for such a long time, stacking points on the board.

From reddit user: You wore Chucky cleats last year and they were so sick, you plan to break those out again this year? Or should I expect some other designs

DW: It's just like my clothes. I kind of come up with it week by week. I don't look too far down the line. You never know. I haven't done anything the first two weeks; I'll probably start on our away games.