Fans Travel from Australia to Watch Raiders Live


The Nadolny family from Adelaide, South Australia traveled more than 16 hours to watch the Oakland Raiders play live.

"We looked at the schedule and planned our trip around a time when the Raiders had two consecutive home games. This was an early Christmas gift for my son," Mr. Nadolny said.

His son, Hayden Nadolny, has been following the team since a family friend returned with a Silver and Black jersey.

"Pretty much everyone at my school, everyone knows I am a Raiders fan. When a family friend returned to Australia from the United States, he brought me back a Raiders jersey. I saw the Silver and Black and they became my team," Hayden explained.

The family took a two-hour flight from Adelaide to Sydney, and then boarded a plane for the 14-hour flight to San Francisco to watch their team.

Today's game against the Cincinnati Bengals marks the third game the Nablony family has attended. The family's first NFL experience came late in the 2007 season when the Raiders took on the San Diego Chargers. It was also the family's first tailgating experience.

"It was certainly a different experience. We had really no idea what to expect. It is such a different atmosphere here before games here than anything we have in Australia. I was amazed that the parking lot opens at eight. People tailgate here all morning then go inside to enjoy the game. In Australia, I can get to the lot for a 'footie' game an hour before the match, find a spot, and head inside," Hayden said.

Hayden added, "Win or lose I'll always represent the Raiders. "

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