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From 'Purple Walrus' to 'James Harden', Derek Carr jokes about in-game audibles going viral

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs winning on a last-minute touchdown, Derek Carr's play-call audibles, picked up on network microphones in a stadium without fans, stole the show.

From "purple walrus" to "James Harden," Carr stayed one step ahead of the Chiefs defense for most of the night. On Wednesday, he had a laugh while explaining them to reporters.

"It's been fun for me; I have so many [audibles] and honestly some of my best friends, they'll send me some tweets of people trying to figure out what it means and things like this," Carr said with a laugh. "It's so funny how wrong people are, but it's fun to read to us because they are trying to figure it out, and I was like, 'Man, you can give people a list of our audibles and things that I've said, and they still have to memorize that list and why I'm saying it and know what it means.'"

Several people have tried to decipher Carr's audibles on social media, but figuring out their meaning can be tough — even though everyone on social media fancies themselves a play-caller. In the event someone happened to reveal a play, Carr noted that there are ways to trick the defense during the game.

"I've used probably 20 of them that I say the same word, and sometimes it means something, sometimes it means nothing," he said. "So, there are ways to protect it and things like that."

Carr's list of audibles is something to behold, and even though he's the one calling the plays, he can't take credit for all of the creativity.

"My mind is always working, just coming up with stuff, but don't get it twisted, I don't come up with all of them. I'm not that smart."

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