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GovX Hero of the Game Week 4


Gunnery Sergeant Orlando Jimenez takes the field with the Raiders captains. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Gunnery Sergeant Orlando Jimenez was selected as the GovX Hero of the Game for the Raiders match-up with the Washington Redskins in Week 4. Jimenez is in charge of 110 Marines and handles logistics.

Jimenez is a long-time Raiders fan. "It's an honor to be down here," said Jimenez while standing on the sideline. "I've been a big Raiders fan since '84 and just to be on the field is awesome."

The Marine could feel the excitement as he waited for his opportunity to take the field and experience the pre-game coin toss. "It's an honor. It's one of the biggest excitements for me," said Jimenez. "Being a big Raider fan throughout the years seeing all the players and just to step foot on the field is awesome."

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