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GovX Heroes of the Game Week 2


Loumania Stewart, Public Affairs Specialist for the Coast Guard, and Blaine Meserve-Nibley, Marine Science Technician for the Coast Guard, were selected as the GovX Heroes of the Game for the Raiders home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Stewart's job is connecting the USGC with the public on a daily basis. "Each day I get to take photos and write about what the Coast Guard does and about the Coast Guard missions and let the public be informed," explained Stewart.

Meserve-Nibley, on the other hand, is more on the regulatory law enforcement side of the USGC. "We do a lot of international vessel inspections, container inspections, pollution response and pollution investigations," said Dibbley.

Although Stewart and Meserve-Nibley's jobs are very different, they were both excited to be selected by GovX as Heroes of the Game. "It's quite an opportunity to be able to represent the Coast Guard in this fashion," said Meserve-Nibley. "Coast Guard doesn't get a whole lot of visibility so I'm excited to be out there to represent what the United States Coast Guard does and very excited to be here for the home opener for Oakland."

The two Heroes of the Game had the opportunity to participate in the coin toss with the captains. "I definitely feel the energy. I hear everyone screaming," said Stewart. "To actually be on the field, next to the players, is an awesome experience for sure."

"The Coast Guard, we have many opportunities and we get to do so many new, different things, but to actually be chosen for this game is such an honor," added Stewart.

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