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Groves and Scott Visit Kidango Arbuckle School


LBs Quentin Groves and Quentin Scott visit the students at Kidango Arbuckle.
Recently, LBs Quentin Groves and Quentin Scott visited Kidango Arbuckle School in San Jose, Calif., to speak to kindergarten through sixth grade students about the importance of education and health. Groves and Scott described their daily eating and exercise routines to the students in order to show the importance of proper eating and exercise to stay healthy. "Our job is not just going out on Sunday running, catching, and blocking a football," said Groves. "We play football, but we eat the right foods. That means eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables. We stay away from foods like twinkies, cookies, and snickers."

Jennifer Cambra, Regional Director of Kidango Arbuckle School, believed Groves and Scott made an impact on the childrens' outlook on education and health. "Groves and Scott made a huge impact on how they talked about how early they get up in the morning, how healthy they eat, and how hard they work out," said Cambra. "It was really inspirational for the kids, watching their faces and how they seemed in awe thinking that they have to work that hard to be a professional athlete. It is nice just seeing them playing and running with the students. It gives them the opportunity to learn how to stay fit. I think the kids enjoyed the whole experience getting to play with professional athletes one on one."

Groves also talked to the students about his childhood and how believing in himself early on helped him become the successful man he is today. "The more people told me I couldn't, the more it made me want to strive to be everything I can," said Groves. "I came from a broken household so when I came home I never knew if I was going to have dinner or if my electricity was going to be on. But I made a promise to myself that when I made it to the NFL, I would take my mom out. Do not let people tell you that you cannot do something. You can do whatever you put your mind to. If you say, 'I want to be a professional football player, baseball player, the best songwriter, or the best teacher in the world,' all you have to do is believe in yourself. If you really believe in your heart that you can do it then that is all that matters."

Scott and Groves enjoyed the opportunity to be positive role models to the students of Kidango Arbuckle School and hope they made an impact on the students choices about living a healthy and successful lifestyle.

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