Hunter Renfrow hosts reddit AMA

Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow recently hosted a reddit AMA; check out the questions he was asked:

From reddituser: What is your favorite sandwich?

Hunter Renfrow: Favorite sandwich. Wow. That's a good question. I love a patty melt. I'm a big patty melt guy with the grilled onions and Texas toast. Just dip it in ketchup and I would eat that for every meal. I love ketchup. I love it.

From Hendog92: Hey Hunter, I've been really excited following your career in the league. Looking forward to see what the future has for you and what other crazy catches you can come up with.

What did it feel like breaking free for that first touchdown? Did you get to keep the ball?

Stay healthy, look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

HR: So it was cool. I just kinda caught the ball and broke free and before I even really knew what was going on, I was running. I was just trying not to fall and run as fast as I could. I looked back like four or five times.

When I scored, I flipped the ball to the ref. I wasn't even thinking, like, 'I need to keep that ball.' Tyrell Williams was looking out for me, though. He went and grabbed it for me, got it back for me. Good teammate.

From Chad1eyCooper: What is your favorite video game and how do you like calling the Bay Area your home?

HR: Fortnite, right now. I've been playing a little CoD with the guys. But for Fortnite, I can put the headset on and hang out with my friends from back home. It's really kind of a social hour. We just kind of get on a couple hours here and there and cut up and joke and roast each other.

All-time, probably NCAA Football, and hopefully it's making its way back! I like literally any of them. Every year, it was like counting down the days down until it came out.

As far as the Bay, I haven't gotten out too much. But for me, it's the scenery. Because it's so much different than the East Coast. I like driving around, going to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, just driving the coast. I could do that every day. Just to get out… they don't have that on the East Coast. They have mountains and they have the beach, but they're not together. Here you have the mountains right by the ocean.

From: thegreyquincy: Hey Hunter! Super pumped you're on the team!

How has the transition to the NFL been different from your expectations? How has it met the expectations? Any surprises?

HR: Just how relaxed it is. At Clemson, you can't afford to lose a game, so everything is over-the-top preparation. "If you make this step, we're gonna lose a game, and our season's gonna be over." And that's a good way to look at your season because you obviously don't want to make mistakes, you want to pay attention to the details. [In the NFL,] the practices aren't too bad. It's more, we know how to play football; let's just get the mental part of it down and Sundays will take care of themselves.

Me and Josh [Jacobs] have been talking about how different it is. Especially Alabama and Clemson... we practice HARD. We practice smart, but we practice a lot of good on good during the week.

From reddituser: If every 30 seconds a wave of 10 kindergarteners are released and your job is to knock as many out as possible before being over run, how many do you think you can get ?

HR: So you've got 10 six-year-olds every 30 seconds… Wow. Well you get to a point, and they can't all get to you at once, right? It's just how long you can go? It's a war of attrition.

I was thinking like 15 at once one tip the edge. I was thinking like 15 kids at a time. Ten at a time? Do they leave? There are so many questions here. It's really just 'til I get tired, right? I mean, what's on the line? How bad do you want it? It's such a hard question. I feel like I could get through a lot, I just don't want to put a number on it. There's so many unknowns. laughs

From lunchboxx78: How often do you go hunting? What do you love about it?

HR: I try to go as much as I can. For the off week, I went home. For me, it's just a way to get out in nature and you can think, and once you kill something you have meat for the year. You can make some cool recipes. Venison tacos. Turkey strips, put 'em on a salad. It's about as organic as it gets. That's as good as it gets. The hunting, the whole process, the primitiveness is pretty cool to me.

From tigandore: Hey Hunter! Also what are some of your favorite spots on campus?

HR: Spill The Beans. Best ice cream spot on campus. What I love to do though is take the mopeds, and just cruise through campus.

The Raiders get back on the practice field as they prep for their Week 9 matchup with the Detroit Lions.