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NFL spotlights Sandra Douglass Morgan during Women's History Month

March 1 kicked off Women's History Month, with the Silver and Black's team president fitting the bill.

NFL Network spotlighted Sandra Douglass Morgan and the contributions she's made in football, even in a short amount of time. Last July, the Raiders announced the former Nevada Gaming Control board chairwoman as their president. While also of Asian descent, she became the first African-American woman to hold that title for an NFL team.

"Being the first Black woman to lead an NFL franchise is incredibly humbling," Douglass Morgan said. "And just knowing that so many Black women have been involved in sports, and women in general have been involved in sports at different levels in leadership and management – to be able to now be more visible and hopefully giving women and girls more opportunity to think about different career paths they may have."

Morgan has stated in the past she puts great emphasis on looking toward the future for women in sports. While she's the first Black women to be a NFL team president, she's working diligently to make sure she's not the last.

"I think the best is yet to come. And with this next generation. ... It's commonplace to them to know that women can be in all levels at any sports organization."

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