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Porter Visits Tennyson High School


DB Joe Porter visits with the students at Tennyson High School.

Recently, Oakland Raiders DB Joe Porter visited the students of Tennyson High School in Hayward, Calf. Porter took the time to motivate the high school students to pursue their dreams.

French teacher Najat Lahnin believed having a professional athlete visit the school was the inspiration the students needed to push themselves as individuals. "I believe this is the first time a professional athlete visited our school," said Lahnin. "As educators, we have to find ways to touch our kids' hearts and minds. In doing so, we need to know what it is that makes them happy, motivated and productive. Sport is definitely one of the ways."

"I always enjoy seeing the students and talking to them, especially high school students who are more mature and older," said Porter. "These students are potentially in charge of their future. They will be making many important decisions in their high school career which will affect them in their future.  It is a good thing to chat with them, see where their mind is at and hopefully I gave them a positive outlook on their life decisions and [am] a positive role model for them."

Porter felt that having positive reinforcement for students at the high school level was important during the holiday season. "It is a good thing to be around the high school students and connect with the community," said Porter.

Porter was able to help the teachers of Tennyson convey their message to the students about hard work and dedication. "The visit absolutely added a breath of freshness and care to our school and community," said Lahnin.

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