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Q&A with FB Owen Schmitt


FB Owen Schmitt. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Q: Obviously, you have some familiarity with [Greg] Knapp's offense from 2009 in Seattle. What can Raider fans expect in how he utilizes the fullback?

Schmitt: It's a big part of the offense. I'm just excited to get a chance to be here and play another year of ball, so it's going to be exciting. We have a lot of weapons this year. Hopefully we can utilize everybody and win some ball games.

Q: Even with the return of Marcel Reece this week, you guys are completely built differently and have different abilities. Can you tell Raider fans what you bring and how you expect to play a role on this team?

Schmitt: Just a tough guy, hard-nosed guy, blue collar, just bring a physical presence to the field, blocking is probably more the asset I can bring. That's just something I can bring, just a physical nature to the game.

Q: We've seen some of the crazy stuff you've done on YouTube videos in the past. Are you still a crazy guy or have you mellowed out a little bit? Are you getting older and wiser?

Schmitt: Older…wiser yes, but still catching up there. But yeah, I'll bring the intensity, but the helmet smashing and stuff plays a role in the whole concussions thing so I kind of stay away from that stuff.

Q: Those first two years in the league at Seattle, you guys didn't have the best record, but third year in Philadelphia, you made the postseason. What do you see in this team and how can they make the postseason this year?

Schmitt: It's a young team, some great vets on the team, obviously good leadership, a whole new staff. I love this offense. It just seems to really – the run game, I'm in love with it. The zone, it's just something that's really easy for us. Hopefully we can bring a lot of explosive plays to the field as far as offense goes. Just try to tie some together. Take it one week at a time and go from there.

Q: Talk a little bit about the running game you do have behind you with Darren McFadden, Taiwan Jones and Mike Goodson.

Schmitt: Oh phenomenal. Very explosive, probably some of the fastest guys I've played with. All they need is a seam and you can see out here in practice, they go the distance. It'll be interesting to see what happens once camp rolls around.

Q: You mentioned the offense and the running game; does it also open up things for the passing game downfield?

Schmitt: Extremely. First and foremost, I think the run game is a key element to getting the pass game going. As far as what Knapp's concerned with, what he's done in Houston and stuff, if we can get that rolling, even a fraction of that going, the pass game should open up real nice.

Q: Carson Palmer, first impressions of him so far?

Schmitt: Great guy, class act, great guy and came and introduced himself to me.

Q: You're a physical guy; looking forward to getting in some pads?

Schmitt: Yeah, right now it's nice, just getting your feet underneath you a little bit and getting the movement going. Once camp rolls around, it'll be nice to bang a little bit.

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