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Raiders alumni receive their honorary Legacy Bricks at Allegiant Stadium

Few organizations in the NFL honor their former players quite like the Raiders.

Through the decades, the Silver and Black have always paid homage to those who have helped the franchise become what it is today, and that testament rings true with the team's Legacy Brick Program.

When Allegiant Stadium inevitably opens the gates to Raider Nation, fans will be able to look down and see the names of Raiders alumni engraved in stone. Las Vegas is the future, but the Raiders aren't forgetting about the past.

Over the last week, numerous players have received letters in the mail, containing their certificates of recognition, and many have taken to social media to share their excitement.

The gesture took some players by surprise, and even left a few on the verge of tears.

"Now that I'm a former player, when I got that letter in the mail — I'm not even an emotional guy — I almost shed some tears," former Raiders wide receiver Greg Jenkins said. "It seemed like it was so long ago. 2014 was my last year in Oakland, and I'm on the outside looking in now. So, when you get something like that in the mail, it was humbling. It brought all my memories back and it was like, 'Wow, I'm still a part of this.'"

"It was unexpected," former guard Langston Walker added. "Absolutely unexpected. I remember going to the mailbox, getting this letter, and opening it. When I realized what it was saying, [Owner] Mark Davis and the Raiders' organization are basically saying, 'We would not be at this point if it was not for you as former players.'

"Recognizing that, especially in today's environment, is unprecedented."

It started with Raiders legend Al Davis, but the tradition of honoring the legacies of former players continues with current Owner, Mark Davis, and the alumni appreciate it.

"I think, Mark _Davis] is similar to his dad,” Lamarr Houston told JT the Brick on **[The Game Plan_**._ "He's doing groundbreaking things that people might not agree with now, but in the end when they look back they'll see how historical of a guy, and how influential of a guy he was, and what he did for the Raiders to set them up to even grow further with their franchise and their brand by being out in [Las] Vegas."

While the Legacy Brick Program is intended to acknowledge the Raiders alumni, it's also an opportunity for fans to become a part of Raiders history.

Showcase your Raiders loyalty by sharing your memories, engraved and displayed, at the home of one of the NFL's most storied franchises. Your personalized brick will be featured at the main entrance of the highly anticipated new home of the Raiders, Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Proceeds from this program will benefit the Raiders Foundation, so act now to guarantee your place at the new home of the Raiders.

You can learn more information, here.

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