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Rodney Hudson earns Commitment to Excellence Award for unprecedented fourth-straight year


For a record fourth consecutive year, center Rodney Hudson was voted by his Raiders teammates to receive the Commitment to Excellence Award. The Commitment to Excellence Award is presented annually to the Raider who best exemplifies hard work, leadership, and excellence on and off the field throughout the season. The honor originated in 1967 as the Gorman Award and was re-named the Commitment to Excellence Award in 2002.

In 2019, Hudson became the first Raider to win the award in three consecutive years. Pro Football Hall of Famer Tim Brown was named the Commitment to Excellence Award winner six times overall while another Pro Football Hall of Famer, Marcus Allen, won the honor five times during his Raiders career. Ken Stabler, who is also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was a three-time recipient.

Here is a complete list of previous Commitment to Excellence Award winners:

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Year Winner
1967 Daryle Lamonica
1968 Jim Otto
1969 Willie Brown
1970 George Blanda
1971 Jim Otto
1972 Marv Hubbard
1973 Ken Stabler
1974 Ken Stabler
1975 Pete Banaszak
1976 Ken Stabler
1977 Mark van Eeghen
1978 Dave Casper
1979 Raymond Chester
1980 Ted Hendricks
1981 Rod Martin
1982 N/A
1983 Rod Martin
1984 Marcus Allen
1985 Marcus Allen
1986 Bill Pickel
1987 Marcus Allen
1988 Marcus Allen
1989 Greg Townsend
1990 Greg Townsend
1991 Ronnie Lott
1992 Marcus Allen & Terry McDaniel
1993 Tim Brown
1994 Terry McDaniel
1995 Tim Brown
1996 Jeff Hostetler & Terry McDaniel
1997 Tim Brown, Jeff George & Russell Maryland
1998 Greg Biekert
1999 Tim Brown
2000 Rich Gannon
2001 Tim Brown & Steve Wisniewski
2002 Tim Brown
2003 Jerry Rice
2004 Ronald Curry & Barry Sims
2005 Derrick Burgess
2006 Nnamdi Asomugha
2007 Justin Fargas
2008 Nnamdi Asomugha & Justin Fargas
2009 Justin Fargas & Zach Miller
2010 Rock Cartwright
2011 Rock Cartwright
2012 Jon Condo
2013 Marcel Reece
2014 Charles Woodson
2015 Charles Woodson
2016 Derek Carr
2017 Rodney Hudson
2018 Rodney Hudson
2019 Rodney Hudson
2020 Rodney Hudson

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