Mailbag: Which draft pick makes the biggest impact in 2019?

After a few weeks on Instagram, the Mailbag is back, on….

Even though we're technically still in the "offseason," with the draft just days ago, and the Silver and Black in the midst of the Offseason Workout Program, things are anything but boring here at 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway.

You guys hit the comment section hard with your questions – and we thank you for that – so instead of picking just a few, I'm going to try to get to as many as I can, rapid fire style.

*Takes a deep breath*

Here we go.

From AJ Jackson: We've addressed almost every need we had through the draft and FA... but obviously we're not perfect. Where else can we improve our roster/staff?

EP: Nobody is perfect, especially at this point in the offseason. If there's one thing I know about Mike Mayock and Coach Gruden, it's that they'll continually look for ways to upgrade the roster, from now through the regular season. We always talk about the fluidity of the roster, and that point holds true even in May.

From Lonnie Junior: What position is 7th rounder Bell gone play? I seen the video of Mayock telling Crosby he was gone put him with Duece Gruden to get stronger. Seems like if Bell is athletic as his scouting report and he gets stronger and a few extra lbs, that 4.3 40 would make him a great weakside linebacker.

EP: Quinton Bell is a freak athlete, no doubt about that, but the Raiders seventh-round pick is still admittedly raw on the defensive side of the football. Let's let defensive coordinator Paul Guenther see Bell up and close and personal for a little bit before we try to categorize him as one thing or another. That said, he showed in college that he could get after the quarterback…

From Wayne Rund: Will Raiders keep their traditional uniforms? Please leave them alone

EP: Wayne, I don't know many things for certain in this life, but rest assured, one thing I do know is the classic unis aren't going anywhere, brother.

From Johnny Arredondo: Can we sign Seabass for one day and let him retire as a Raider?

EP: We were actually talking about this very thing in the studio yesterday. I think it would be dope. Bass is a legend.

From Brandon Hagen: How do you think the RB depth chart will look with the free agent and draft moves the team has made?

EP: Ohhhh, good question. You don't draft a guy No. 24 overall to have him stand on the sidelines, so I'm going to guess Josh Jacobs gets the majority of the reps, with Isaiah Crowell as the other big back. Jalen Richard and DeAndré Washington will be the change-of-pace guys, but don't sleep on Chris Warren III either. He's a dude who could have a say in how everything shakes out too.

From Guy Mann: What are we doing to shore up that o line? Adding wr,rb,te won't amount to much if Carr doesn't have time.

EP: I think adding Trent Brown is a pretty good place to start. Don't forget either that Kolton Miller is not only a year bigger and stronger, but he's healthy too, and that Rodney Hudson is still one of the best centers in the entire NFL.

From Jason Smith: Any idea what they plan on doing about the interior of our O-Line?

EP: Mike Mayock gave a vote of confidence to Denzelle Good over the weekend, so my best guess is that the starting interior line would be him and Gabe Jackson, with Rodney Hudson handling the duties in the middle.

From Howard Vasquez: Which draft picks do you see making an impact in their first year?

EP: The hope is that all of them come in and contribute right away, but if I had to pick a few, it would be the trio of first rounders the Raiders selected. Ferrell is a defensive beast, Jacobs can be a three-down back in the league, and Abram is a dude I'm really excited to watch lay out wide receivers. I really like Renfrow too.

From Zack Craft: When will numbers be assigned to new players?

EP: We should know what the rookies are wearing when they hit the field on Friday for the first day of Rookie Minicamp.

From Jon Harrelson: What is the meaning of life?

EP: My best bet? Be a good person and try to leave this spinning planet a better place than when you got here.

From Bill Brettell: As an English Raider fan I understand the game but have absolutely no knowledge of how the draft works or the quality of the players who get drafted, reading the comments of the home beased Raider fans I think the overall impression is that it was a decent draft, is this a fair assessment or not, I would be pleased to be better informed by those in the know, thanks guys.

EP: Welcome aboard, Bill. Personally, I love the Raiders draft class this year, but as anyone in the know will tell you, you won't really get a full picture of how Mayock and Gruden did for a few years.