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Raiders Grant JJ's Wish

Joseph "JJ" Orecchia's tumor was found after he broke his leg, leading to an eventual right leg amputation. The six-year old was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a cancerous bone tumor. The young Raiders fan has been through more than a person can possibly imagine in the last year, but his spirit has remained strong.

JJ is a die-hard fan of the Silver and Black. He wore Raiders gear almost every day during his trips to the hospital.

JJ had two wishes back when he was diagnosed – for his dad, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class William Orecchia, to come home and to meet the Oakland Raiders.  His first wish came true when his dad returned from Afghanistan, and today, his second wish was granted.

"JJ has been through a lot. He had osteosarcoma, they had to amputate his leg, but ever since the hospital, what the Raiders mean to him is a lot of hope. It just means strength," said Orecchia.

JJ, who is battling bone cancer, had his wish come true when he attended Raiders practice and met his favorite players.

The strong six-year old took in each moment of his wish and showed his excitement and energy when he broke down the huddle at the conclusion of practice.

Not only did he spend the morning watching practice and entering the team huddle, but he also signed a contract to be a Raider for the day with General Manager Reggie McKenzie, was greeted by Raider Rusher, visited his very own locker in the locker room and met each of the players on the team.

"This is the happiest day for me just to see him smile because every day it's a battle for him," said JJ's mom, Terry Orecchia. "We don't know what we're going to walk into or what we're going to get, going for tests, telling us he has another tumor and they don't know what it is. It's a battle. To see him smiling all happy in the limo and going to see the Raiders, my heart is just smiling for once. He wants to fight like [the Raiders] and no matter what obstacles come our way, we're going to fight through it and we're going to win. Just win."

The players really made the day memorable, making sure to stop by and shake JJ's hand, sign autographs and offer him words of encouragement. "To see him smile…at first he was all nervous and wanted to go in, but as soon as they came out, it changed his whole attitude. Just seeing that makes me happy for once."

The next day, JJ watched pre-game warm-ups from the sideline and reunited with his favorite team. He was then given the honor of lighting the torch in honor and in memory of Al Davis.

JJ had a memorable weekend as his Silver and Black wish came true.

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