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Solomon Thomas shares with GQ Sports how he spent his first million NFL dollars

Las Vegas Raiders defensive tackle Solomon Thomas is the latest athlete to detail how he spent his first million dollars in the NFL.

Thomas – currently in his first season with the Raiders – got a hefty payday from the San Francisco 49ers, who drafted him with the third pick overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. With his rookie contract, he talked about how quick his first million dollars in the NFL came and went.

The diversity of what he spent it on was intriguing, which included a $100,000 bathroom remodel for his parents, $20,000 in custom made suits from a store in Dallas, Texas, over $300,000 in electric vehicles for him and his parents and $50,000 in gym equipment for his home.

Most notably, Thomas shared that he used $75,000 to launch his nonprofit "The Defensive Line Foundation," which is dedicated to end the epidemic of youth suicide.

No. 90 also used his time with GQ to give a little advice to other athletes on how to invest their money.

"The advice I would give to a young Stanford guy coming up to me is I would tell them to live like he's still at Stanford, but also take care of himself like he's an NFL football player," Thomas said. "To invest in his body and save money for investments coming up."

Hear more of what Thomas had to say here.

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