Running back Josh Jacobs earns high praise from NFL Hall of Famer

When was the last time an NFL Hall of Famer showed you some love?

Never? Ah, well, Josh Jacobs can't say the same.

During a segment on NFL Network Monday afternoon, the proud owner of a Gold Jacket, LaDainian Tomlinson, offered high praise for the Raiders first-round pick.

When asked who the top rookie running back from the 2019 class will be, Tomlinson didn't hesitate to throw Jacobs' name in the ring, and even took it a step further to predict he brings home the Offensive Rookie of the Year hardware.

Tomlinson broke down some of Jacobs' tape by showing that he can create space in the open field, adjust to passes, and pass protect with the best of them.

Take a listen:

After seeing the video on Twitter, Jacobs accepted Tomlinson's challenge and is ready to grind.

Many analysts expect Jacobs to be a stud at the next level, and in Jon Gruden's offense it'll be exciting to find out how he uses Jacobs' versatility, but Tomlinson is confident he'll be the talk of the league.