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Steelers fans show gratitude to Daniel Carlson with charity donations

While the idea of a tie Sunday night might have been fun for impartial viewers, Raiders fans certainly loved seeing Daniel Carlson send the Silver and Black into the playoffs on a high note with his game-winning kick in overtime — and they weren't alone.

Across the country, Pittsburgh Steelers fans were glued to their TVs, rooting for someone — anyone — to win. Given the quirks of the NFL season, the Steelers clinched a playoff spot with a Raiders or Chargers win but would have been knocked out in the event of a tie.

So the only fans happier than Raider Nation about Carlson's kick were Steelers fans, and they were quick to show their appreciation.

In recent years, fans have even extended this kind of appreciation to include donations to a player's charity of choice.

In 2018, Bills fans flooded Andy Dalton's foundation with money after the then-Bengals quarterback sent Buffalo to the playoffs with a touchdown pass to beat the Baltimore Ravens.

Now Steelers fans are showing the same love to Carlson:

Now that's something to feel good about.

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