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Tyrell Williams opens up about his personal experience with racism

As protests for social justice continue throughout parts of the country this weekend, Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Tyrell Williams opened up to followers of his personal Instagram page with a few powerful words about his experience as a black man growing up in a small town in Oregon.

No matter your race or life experience, it's an impactful read:

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My Mom is white my Dad is black. I grew up in Turner, Oregon which is 95% white. Early in school I remember learning about slavery and civil rights and kids making jokes and saying crazy stuff about me. The school’s solution was to have my dad come and take me on a walk. In middle school I was told I shouldn’t be alive because my parents should have never been together. In middle school kids were either so excited to read the books on civil rights and segregation because they got to say the N word, or they were turning and staring at me when it was my turn to read. In high school I remember being called the N word during multiple football games. Never basketball or track because you’d be able see and hear who said it. In high school I remember white kids telling me I’m not “actually” black anytime black cultural topics are brought up. For me, I felt racism weekly. Walking out of high-school one day to see KKK flyers on all the windshields of the cars. These were just a few of the thousands of incidents of racism early in my life that stuck out. I had an identity crisis growing up not knowing with who or how to fit in. Fortunately I also had great friends who would stick up and stand for the cause. I want to and am going to be an outlet for these kids going thru what I went thru. Im going to have a louder voice in bringing light to the hate. I love my mixed family and friends. I’m thankful for my friends and family who have had the black community’s back, and my friends who had my back growing up and still do today. My Dads life matters My Brothers life matters My Sisters life matters My Niece and Nephew life matters My Cousins and Aunties life matters My Granny and Papas life matters Proverb 6:16-19

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Williams is known as a quiet player who prefers to let his play do the talking. But his decision to speak out here is one many won't soon forget.

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